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Hello! You may of found yourself on this page thinking, what an earth is Slow Sunday Club? Well, let me fill you in. Slow Sunday Club is a weekly community newsletter started in January 2018 by myself and my sister, Sophie. The idea behind it was to create a space for all things slow, cosy, interesting and thought-provoking for everyone to read on a Sunday morning in aid of making their Sunday morning's a little slower. 

Since then it has become a community across the newsletter and over on Instagram and Twitter where club members share their thoughts and photos using the #SlowSundayClub hashtag. We have also launched a monthly book club off the back too!

If you want to find out a little more, have a little read of the blog post detailing it all here.

If you've missed a few newsletters please find the links to all ones released so far below!

all the newsletters ever to exist in one handy long list... enjoy!

Edition One

(29th January 2018)

Edition Two

(4th February 2018)

Edition Three

(11th February 2018)

Edition Four

(18th February 2018)

Edition Five

(25th February 2018)

Edition Six

(4th March 2018)

Edition Seven

(11th March 2018)

Edition Eight

(18th March 2018)

Edition nine

(24th March 2018)

Edition Ten

(1st April 2018)

Edition Eleven

(8th April 2018)

Edition Twelve

(15th April 2018)

Edition Thirteen

(22nd April 2018)

Edition Fourteen

(29th April 2018)

Edition Fifteen

(6th May 2018)

Edition Sixteen

(Coming your way this Sunday!)