shopping my looks + homeware

So you may of heard of RewardStyle and but if not here's a little note on what it's about and how to use them.

RewardStyle is a affiliate scheme of which I am a member of, I recommend items which I've used, loved or reaaally want using affiliated links on here, YouTube and my social channels. I'll always mark these affiliate links either with #aflink or an actual note at the bottom of a blog post.If you click through on that link, it will be recorded and if you go on to purchase the said item, I will get a small commission for directing you there. It's in no means big money, but It's just a little something which really helps my business. is a feature developed by RewardStyle, It's what I use on Instagram to link the details of my outfits and homeware. You can either follow me on the app (available on the app store) or sign up for the emails. So either every time you 'like' one of my enabled photos you'll get an email with the direct links or it'll pop up in your app. 

If you would like to find out more, or follow me on click here.

Thank you so much for any support you provide by clicking on affiliate links