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editor's picks November

Glossier, First Impressions

Finally the much hyped beauty brand is being shipped to the UK, but what is worth your pennies and what's not? Here's some first impressions for you to help you spend your money wisely! 

Plus there's a handy 10% code!💄 

miscellaneous moments

The first in a series, photographs which don't quite fit into any blog post - what do we do with them? Well friends, we make a series about them so they're not wasting away on a hardrive - that's what we do!

Bonus, my sister's cute dog Wendy features 🐶

48 hours in glasgow

A golden oldie, but who can resist a travel guide? not me! Glasgow has been one of my favourite trips of the year, mostly because it surprised me with it's utter beauty and vibe. 

Brunch, cocktails and plants your thing? 


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