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editor notes / july

A few weeks ago I turned twenty-five, it occurred to me how much I have changed since I first started a blog six years go. At that point I was really uninspired with Rush & Teal, every new relaunch was met with bitter disappointment at my lack of true enthusiasm. Essentially, how can you even call a re-launch a re-launch if you're just producing the same content as you always have been?

And that's around about the point that the inspiration I had been so desperately searching for hit.

Rush & Teal has been a big, big part of my life. Six years of fun creating content without too much direction, musings and thoughts all collated. However, as mentioned - I've grown up and in turn I've grown out of Rush & Teal. I'm not sad about that anymore, because growing is a part of life. Things which you loved when you were a teenager do not always stick around (apart from Death Cab For Cutie, I will forever love you) and it's okay to change.

On that note, welcome to allie etc.

My new daily digest kind of adventure. A blog, a brand and a voice. Focusing on injecting daily inspiration, motivation and happiness into the independent and creative women of today.

There is so much exciting and new ideas, content and thoughts to share with you, but for now. Let's begin the ride, together.

- allie etc -

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