The Sunday Post #2

If there’s two posts, is it officially a series? Asking for a friend.


And here we are again, reflecting the week and I’m just sitting here wondering how it’s nearly October.

When I popped the first post live I meant for this to be a consistent series, but then I popped on holiday - so here we are, back again. If you haven’t read already, there’s a few words and snaps of my Mallorca trip to catch up on.

All caught up? Lovely. Let’s get on with this week.

This week I flew home from Mallorca and back to a very, very wet and gloomy London. Luckily I’m okay with embracing the rainy season, after all, is there anything more cosy that hearing the rain from under a blanket in front of Netflix on repeat?

It’s been a nice week to ease back into, I popped to my first Christmas event over in central London, looking at the seasonal collections from Charles Worthington, Sanctuary Spa and St Tropez - even sneaked in a little blow dry (which subsequently I ruined in the rain on the way home). Other than that it was back to work, before having a really relaxed weekend filled with nails, brunch and a quick stop back home in Essex to catch up with family and friends.

Now here we are, facing October. Terrifying, how fast has this year gone?


Life changes

So, big news. I’ve accepted a new role as the Global Social Media Manager at FitFlop. Huge, this does mean I’ll be leaving my beloved role at Butternut Box. I’ve known for quite some time, but it feels like the right time to finally talk about it. I’m extremely proud and excited to be starting my new role next month. As always a new challenge is super exciting.

This news has pretty much dominated my September, so it’s really exciting to go into October with a new role and to adjust into a new routine.

I still look at where I was ten years ago and I’m so happy I’ve got to where I am. When I was seventeen, the extent of social media was writing cringey Facebook status’ and taking a compact camera out every night out, uploading the photos the next day. Now? It’s huge, and I’m proud to be a part of it through my full-time work and on here.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you really need to look back and appreciate how far you have come. At some point in your life, you wanted what you have now.


Le Weekend

I felt like I categorically needed this weekend, more than any other weekend recently. There’s something so knackering about going back to work after a holiday. I jam packed my weekend full of plans, because I just cannot resist doing so.

It started by meeting Katy and heading over to Luka Day Spa and getting our nails done. It felt like such a treat, it’s something I’ve barely managed to do recently, so it was good to chill out and get them done. Afterwards we headed for a delicious brunch at Blixen, before meeting Kelly for a bottle at The Gun.

After that I headed over to Essex for the notorious carnival weekend in my home town. It was good to catch up with my family and friends for a quick twenty-four hour stint.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one, have a peek at my Instagram to see what’s going on 👋🏼

Until next week 🌻