Mallorca Travel Journal

A last minute dash to the sunshine filled island.


Finally getting back into the swing of how things used to be around here.

This year I wanted to get back into my blog properly and start posting more freely about what I’ve been up to. For the first time in the long time I’m actually writing a post pretty close to when the said event happened. Which for me feels like a massive achievement and the right step back into regular blogging. Yesterday I stepped off the plane into a rather chilly England after spending a week on the beautiful island of Mallorca with Morgan, my sister and brother-in-law. It was everything we all needed, a proper break, time to relax and a good dose of exploring of course.

Something I used to do a lot last year was travel journals (my favourites were on Paris and Rome) - I enjoy the flexibility of them, being able to chat and document my travels without too much pressure to give x amount of recommendations and thorough reviews. Instead just some highlights and snaps from the trip, some of which you may have seen on my Instagram, others are just rather nice snaps. If I do say so myself.

The villa

First things first, we wanted to have a relaxed holiday but with the ability to be able to get out and see the island a bit, a villa seemed like the best option for us in terms of cost and flexibility. We found Sa Nau villas near Porto Colom on, but it also turned out that Kate from Kate La Vie had also stayed there - I spotted that she wrote a really beautiful blog post about her travels in Mallorca yesterday, it’s a good read if you want to see some more snaps of the villas themselves.

The villa was beautiful, on a complex of around 13 villas, with three pools and private terraces. To be honest, we barely saw anyone else the time we were there but whenever we did catch a glimpse of our neighbours, they were super lovely. The villa itself was beautifully minimal, with a very scandi feeling interiors. The pools with surrounded by amazing farm scenery and even the odd cockerel could be heard. It was an amazing setting, I would 100% recommend it to anyone considering the South of the island.

We also decided to rent a car, as the island is pretty small and you can get across it in less than two hours, so we though we would definitely fit in some exploring into our relaxing holiday (I’m a nightmare for getting bored after laying on a sun bed for too many hours). It served us well, driving up mountains, down mountains, to the beach and most importantly to Lidl to get wine supplies.


Santayini and Port De Cala Figuera

As we were staying the the South of the island the first places we truly explored were those on our door step. First the town of Santayini, which was about a 20 minute drive for us. The building we’re beige and beautiful, a few pretty shops were scattered around and small restaurants with courtyards out the front.

We managed to miss both market days, but frequent visitor Emily’s stories show they are pretty amazing if you do get the chance to go. We did however manage to pop into Mirmar Lifestyle - which contained the most beautiful of home bits. Soph went home with a gorgeous salt pot and butter dish (which I highly regret not buying also).

After wandering around for a while we decided to jump back in the car and head 5 minutes further down the road to Port de Cala Figuera to see the crystal waters and grab some lunch by the sea. Oh my, a real highlight of our trip for sure. The port itself is the most amazing area to walk around. People quite literally have the water on their door stop, it’s clear as glass and well the perfect photo opportunity as you can see from Morgan and I catch a snap above.



By far the most beautiful town we visited was Valldmossa in the North of the island, up many winding roads is this little gem. Cobbled, filled with potted plants and history this village is not to be missed. We only spent a few hours here, exploring the alleys, eating gelato and seeing the sea from the most beautiful view points.

It was an incredibly aesthetic kind of place, each street had so many beautiful potted plants down which honestly called to me. For me there is nothing quite like seeing plants we have indoors at home, growing like crazy in the streets of Mallorcan towns.

If you ever make the trip to Valldmossa, make sure you stop by Gelati Mossa - the almond ice cream is beyond amazing and they also have a tonne of non-dairy options too. Also Carrer Nicolau Calafat has the most potted plants down, therefore must absolutely be seen.



I’m such a city girl, my preferred holidays often involve stomping around the city, learning about it’s culture from coffee shops and bars. So it was an obvious choice that I wanted to pop to Palma. I will say, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of what Palma has to offer and I would definitely love to pop back for a weekend trip so I can experience it a lot more. That being said, I spent the best part of a day there walking around, seeing the sights, running into it’s concept stores with the biggest excitement and then finally checking out their local foodie market.

First up, the sights. I’m not a huge sightseer but I do make the acception in some places, especially if they are architecturally beautiful, which Catedral de Mallorca certainly was. The sheer size of it was truly breathtaking, just beside it also the Royal Palace of La Almundaina was a sight to be seen also. We did also pop along to Banys Àrabs, it was only €3 and the plants were beautiful, it was a little disappointing you didn’t see the baths themselves but, y’know I do love looking at plants so was pacified with that.

Shopping wise Rialto Living was beautiful, a true concept store with all kinds of beautiful objects plus a coffee shop. I brought a tea-towel, in some desperate attempt to take something home. It was a very nice tea-towel though. I really wanted to pop into Mimbreía Vidal but sadly it was shut when I went - it’s the cities oldest willow basket manufacturer.

Lastly we trekked all the way up to Mercado Gastronómico San Juan, it was a long old walk from the city centre but so worth it. Food markets are my favourite, you get to taste the best the city has to offer all under one roof. We indulged in some patatas bravas (of course), croquettes of all kinds and well, pizza because pizza and washed it down with Aperol Spritz. I highly recommend popping over here if you visit Palma, there was so many delicious options.


The Beaches

The beaches, oh my the beaches. Now these, these were something else. The Mediterranean sea is so clear here you could mistake the beaches for being somewhere in the Caribbean. We made our way around to a few of the beaches the island has to offer. Some are sandier, some are bays, some are busy and some are quiet, but they all had one thing in common and that was their beauty. It’s safe to say wherever you decided to visit on the island you’ll be safe in knowing all the beaches have equal amounts of serenity to offer.

However, if you need some further inspiration I can recommend Es Trenc (but just go like super early, we got there for 9am and it was so beautiful and calm), Cala Mitjana (a bit of a trek, but after a fun bumpy walk through the wild, you’ll encounter a tiny private feeling beach) and Cala Llombards was a firm favourite.


And that was our week, what a brilliant week it was. Hope you enjoyed this travel journal!

Have you headed to Mallorca before? What were your highlights?

Allie x