Flat Tour: Living Room

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And so, we moved. Yes, it was three months ago but, here’s a little look into our new home and how I’m styling up our newest rented abode.

Hello, it’s me. That very occasional blogger. I remember stating to Morgan when we moved to London how much more time I was going to have on my hands and how much more blogging I’d get done. Oh, the confidence. In reality that extra time equated to extra sleep and Love Island. Whoops.

Anyway, I’m here now, complete with a little look into our new(ish) London rented home. I thought about doing just one giant post, but alas in all honesty the bedroom wasn’t that tidy and I haven’t quite done much with the bathroom, so instead I thought I’d break it down.

Starting with the living room, aka the most important area of all. We were quite lucky to find somewhere which had a fairly decent sized living area but also segregated the kitchen a little. The perfect balance. White walls and real wood flooring were a must for me, so finding all of these things in one flat was such a golden ticket.

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If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll recognise just about everything from the last house, with the acception of new prints and accessories to style up the new space. This flat did come fully furnished but we managed to negotiate a few bits changing so that we could incorporate all our furniture in here too. That being said, the sofa in her was a minimal lifesaver, it’s understated grey fabric is perfect for the amount going on everywhere else in terms of pattern, textures and colours. Plus, it’s a corner sofa which has weirdly always been a dream of mine and also, it’s a sofa bed and a bloomin’ comfortable one at that.

Key things I wanted to keep in mind with this flat was to work with the natural light, our last place was very dark so it leaned naturally to warm and cosy interiors. I’m in no way minimal, but I wanted to calm down over filling the place like I did slightly with the other. Whilst there’s still a lot going, I do think the accessories a grouped nicely so that it doesn’t dominate the space and make it feel unnecessarily smaller and cramped. I also tried my best to utilise any ‘dead’ space, so for instance using the stool near the breakfast bar area to display plants/flowers and to organise books on the underside of the coffee table. It’s the small things right?

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Living Room Essential Tips

1. Bring your personality to the table

It’s easy to be deceived into thinking just because you are renting that you cannot inject your own personality into your rented home. This is simply not the case, personality isn’t necessarily knocking a wall down and have a mural of your pet’s face in the kitchen (I’d actually love to see someone who has done this…). It’s as simple as collecting things which you love and reflect your personality and displaying them. Me? I love plants, books, gin, photographs and quirky prints. Popping up a shelf is the perfect way to show off everything that makes you, you. This one was an absolute bargain picture ledge from Ikea.

2. Adding a bit o’ nature

Okay, I’ve already declared my absolute love for plants above but bringing nature in does not mean raiding your local garden centre and calling it a day. For me it’s about including natural textures and colours to bring a calming sense to your living space. Morgan’s a carpenter by trade, so naturally we have a few pieces he has made in the house, our gorgeous TV cabinet, fruit bowl and off cuts. Asides from them I’m naturally drawn to earthy tones in my textiles too. Each to their own though, but make sure you have some greenery. Good for the air and that.

3. It’s The Small Things

I don’t have a tonne of disposal income, living in London is expensive - there’s no hiding behind that. So rather than concentrating on the big things I look more towards the small things. A good candle, an interesting vase, a new plant (plants again) or a print. Work with what you have too, never underestimate a good shuffle.

4. Take it Slow

It’s a marathon not a sprint, take the time to add to your home. You’ll find you vision and taste develop as time goes on, so it’s best to enjoy the space and build up to making it your ultimate complete home. I know deep down I’d love a gallery wall on the other wall in the lounge but realistically I want to build up a beautiful collection of independent prints before going hell for leather with the nails.

5. It’s Not Just For The Aesthetic

Your living room is where you live, sorry for stating the absolute obvious but even I forget this one sometimes. At the end of the day it’s somewhere where you want to come in put your feet up, eat pizza and binge Netflix. Practicality has to play a part. I used to spend ages wondering how I could disguise Morgan’s PlayStation or emptying out draws of ugly things incase you could see it through the mesh. Which seems totally ridiculous now, I’m okay with these being part of the overall picture because that’s just life.

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And that is the living room, essentially plants, wooden things and some nice bits and pieces. Hope you enjoyed a little look around, oh how I love a nosey. Next up, the bedroom - coming soon, hopefully.

Let me know in the comments the best things you’ve learnt when styling your living room ✨