Oh My, It's Been a While

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This feels very ‘first day back at school’ to me. I promised myself when we moved into our new place that I would once again start blogging, yet here we are, a month has passed and I’m only just getting down to it. However, as they always say better late than never. So here I am being very late, but also very much here.

I’m not going to dwell too much on why my presence has been absolutely awful, the long and short is like people life just got in the way. It’s annoying but it happens, working, doing the washing and even chilling out and watching the entire season of Fleabag got in the way.

What’s changed? Well after five years Morgan & I moved into London. From seaside to zone two, I can tell you the change has been pretty hefty. But, we love it. Having more freedom to do things of a weekend, having a fifteen minute commute to work is just dreamy and looking out of my living room windows and seeing Victorian terraces for miles really does tick all the boxes.

Other than that, there’s been a few trips. Popped over to Amsterdam, explored Suffolk for Morgan & I’s eleven year (omg) anniversary and mostly the rest of the time was spent packing up our life. I’ll tell you now, I promise I will never collect as much stuff as I did - the process scarred me for life.

Anyway, this was mostly just a note to say 'hello! I’m back’ before ploughing into making some content.

P.s. The photos are 35mm Morgan took which we have finally got developed. Some real bun appreciation.