Changing my Coffee Drinking Habits

This post is in collaboration with ThreeSixty° Coffee.
You can find ThreeSixty° coffee in both Waitrose and Ocado.

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Is there anything more peaceful that a quiet conversation over lovingly brewed coffee on a cold winter morning?

In my eyes? No. Coffee is such a staple in my life, it helps me achieve things in the morning when I’d much rather be in bed. It plays a centrepiece in catch-up situations with friends who you haven’t had the chance to see in a while and warms up your body on a cold winter’s morning.

In other words, I have a cup of coffee in which I have brewed from ThreeSixty° (currently drinking the Peru blend) and I fancy having a chatty catch up about my new coffee drinking habits.

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It’s the Most Busiest Time of the Year

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but I tell you now - it is also the busiest. I feel like I’ve barely stopped, whether it’s heading on short city breaks, attending Christmas parties or just generally working. I have no idea where the time has gone, but one thing for sure is that coffee has certainly fuelled my productivity.

To kick start my morning, I’ll always brew myself a strong black coffee no nonsense, no fuss, just straight to the strong taste. I used to be a bit of a sucker for heading out and purchasing a morning coffee to drink on the go, but I struggled to find a coffee brand that tastes just as good made at home, as coffee made by a barista.

After discovering Threesixty°, I finally feel I can have the luxury taste of fresh coffee without even having to step outside my front door. Plus, isn’t there something really refreshing about taking the time to carefully brew your own coffee in the morning?

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Spending Quality Time Together

Around this time of year, I always try my best to take moments to slow down and spend time with those who I care about- my family and friends. Life can get really hectic if you let it, but, it feels so good to find the time to sit and catch up over coffee.

I’m becoming a bit of a dab hand with coffee, well - at least I think I am. Of an afternoon I always opt for a nut milk based coffee, somewhere in between a flat-white and a latte. A flat-latte? My favourite milk at the moment is oat, it really adds a great taste to the already delicious Threesixty° Mexico blend. This is my favourite afternoon blend with citrus notes of mandarin balanced with smooth milk chocolate to see you through catch ups.

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My Favourite Blends

This new coffee affair revolves around three flavours which have been sending my tastebuds quite literally wild. These consist of: Mexican, Cuban and Peruvian. Each individually distinctive and have a certain time or place I love to enjoy them.

Mexican Blend

The sweetest of them all, the Mexican Blend has the delicious mix of citrusy notes balanced with smooth milk chocolate. My perfect answer to an afternoon treat, mixed with delicious nut milk. The least in strength, but is made up for with it’s unique and exotic tastes.

Cuban Blend

This is what you call a full-flavoured coffee, it demands your attention and gently wakes you up with aromatic scents. Key notes of the Cuban Blend are roasted peanuts, cinder toffee and caramelised sugar (yes, it really is as delicious as it sounds).

Peruvian Blend

From one of the world’s largest coffee growing communities comes this incredible full-bodied blend. Think cocoa and hazelnut at the forefront of this coffee. The deep taste, will take your morning and make it feel a whole lot more exotic.

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Saving Where it Counts

We all know that winter can be an especially expensive time of year. What with Christmas and all the festivities going on around us. As I mentioned earlier, I used to be a bit of a coffee shop fiend, spending a fair amount weekly to get that luxurious coffee fix.

It feels truly great to of broken that spending wheel and started to enjoy the act of creating different coffee concoctions at home with Threesixty°. Whether it’s my morning black coffee, which is straight to the point or my oat milk flat-latte (I will make it a thing) which I enjoy in an afternoon or when friends are over.

P.s. Fun fact, if you look up the co-ordinates on the front of the packet you can actually see exactly where the beans are from.

You can find ThreeSixty° coffee in both Waitrose and Ocado


What’s your favourite way to make a coffee?

Thanks for reading!

Allie x