Summer Style for Your Feet with Marks & Spencer

This post is Sponsored by Marks & Spencer and we'll be talking about feet 

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Summer is here!

Yay, finally we've reached a stage of consistent gorgeous weather here in the UK. Most days soaring in the 20s, bare legs returning and golden hues stretch across the towns and cities. Seems like a far cry from that snow we dealt with just months ago. I guess that's seasons for you.

With summer comes wardrobe changes, I've put away my beloved coats and folded my thick knit jumpers and popped them under the bed. Every year I'm always so shocked at how little my summer wardrobe is. I guess because the cooler months seem to last longer, I naturally invest more in winter pieces.

One change I do love to make is the transition from boots to sandals. For me nothing says summer like bare legs and open toe shoes. Give me all of the breeze!

So when it comes to sandals, obviously the biggest issue for me is finding ones in which are super stylish and not too old-fashioned, yet comfortable because who has time for painful feet? Certainly not me.

I've always been a M&S kinda girl. Honestly, I live for their underwear. Memory foam bras are actually the one. Something I had never considered from them is sandals, until now.

Their range is huge, stylish and above all, ridiculously comfortable. Finally a girl can get it all, am I right?

M&S have a brilliant range to suit all styles, whether you need a slip on mule to add a little something to your jeans and a nice top situation or a pair of classic strappy types to keep you walking through your city break. Basically, they're a one stop shop for sandals your mum would approve of and your friends be envious of their designs. Winner, winner.

Check out Marks & Spencers' guide here.

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How to achieve the perfect summer style

Getting ready for summer outfits is possibly the most fun and easy time of year, but here's how I plan and execute the perfect summer style:


Get Your Legs Out

When I was younger I used to panic a little bit (*a lot) about my body, more specifically getting any limbs out in the summer. God knows why really but, I guess that's just how teenage brains function. 

Nowadays I count down the minutes until I can shed my jeans and get my summer skin out. So obviously my first tip is get your pins out. Every set of legs is a gorgeous set of legs, a little bit of moisturiser and boom.

Your legs are summer ready!


Pops of Colour

Colour is 100% the way forward when it comes to summer, bright hues make everything a little cheerier. I mean don't get me wrong, half of my wardrobe is monochrome but, I'm trying here!

Whether you go brave with a bright patterned dress or you leave it down to your accessories. 


Best Foot Forward

Feet, they take a little TLC but, popping them in sandals is totally worth it for the pure summer comfort. 

Give yourself a little bit of a pamper, think some super moisturiser, a fresh lick of nail varnish and then of course your comfortable yet stylish sandals.

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What's your summer style?