June Beauty Edit

Five beauty products I've been 💘'ing this month.

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Hello! It's been a while, sorry for the radio silence on my part. I've had a bit of a creative block when it comes to my blog however, I'm finally feeling ready to get back to business!

I really want to take my blog back to basics and create simple, off the cuff content alongside the occasional bigger projects. There's nothing I love more than taking my camera taking a few snaps and writing about what's on my mind at the time.

As per categories, again - I'm leaving it pretty open and seeing where the content takes me. So, now we've got that covered - on with today's post.

June in beauty

When it comes to beauty I'm always between loving trying new products but also being a stickler for the products I already love. So whenever I find myself evaluating what I've been loving recently it is always a perfect balance between new found love and re-kindled flames.

I wanted to keep this blog post bite-size, so I narrowed my June Beauty Edit down to five products - which I will tell you now, wasn't easy.

Pearlessence Rose Water:

I picked this hydrating face mist up a few months ago now on one of my Homesense trips, the bottle reminded me of Herbivore products and I cannot resist a glass bottle. Asides from aesthetics I've been keeping this product on my bedside table (which in my case is the best chance of me falling in love with a product).

This has been a recent favourite of mine as it has got warmer and the humidity has risen, not to mention hay fever rearing it's ugly head. Anyway, it's a refreshing and affordable face mist which has an incredible delicate rose scent.


Being by Sanctuary Coconut Body Spray*:

Body Spray's - something I thought was solely reserved for the P.E. changing rooms in year eight (that's 2004 for me if any of you are wondering!) but, I've had my mind changed. This little exotic coconut spray appeared through my door a month of so ago and it's become a handbag staple for me ever since.

It's got such a summery fragrance and is such an inexpensive way to keep your scent fresh throughout the day.

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream*:

Anyone that knows me knows that I enjoy beauty but I am by no means an expert and products that leave the use up to the user completely throw me. What do you mean all purpose cream?!

Anyway, I've been keen to try the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream for a while. Cult products eh? Always catch me attention.

Nonetheless, after I received it I tried it in the obvious places: dry elbows and cracked lips. Perfect, it does the job - a dab of this on my lips before bed has really sorted their dehydrated state out but what I've actually found it incredible for is using it as a moisturising layer on my skin before bed a few times a week.

Whether this is the done thing? Who knows - all I know is I wake up with healthier and brighter skin over the last few weeks or so.


Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Perfume:

Okay, obvious choice - It's my favourite scent of all time. Something which I'm never without however, I do tend to find myself leaning to it for winter scent.

However, recently I've found myself reaching for it on a more daily basis so I thought it was worth a little mention.

You can't beat the classics right?


Kiko Jungle Jelly Highlighter (shade 02)*:

The only make up product which made it into my June Beauty Edit is this incredible highlighter. After heading to the Jungle Jelly launch last week, this highlighter has found it's way into my make-up bag.

I've been solely using the Glossier Highlighter in Moonstone for a few months so the very fact I've switched it out before using it up is pretty surprising to me.

Nonetheless I love the shimmer and deeper tones of this highlighter compared to the less obvious dewy look of the Glossier product.

Anyway, it's a cream to powder formula which needs blending with a brush but, it works perfectly for a natural glow. 

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What have you been using this month beauty-wise?