April Goals

It's been a while since I've set some goals but I'm bringing this feature back, so let's get motivated.

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I haven’t done a goals post in forever but I’m forever inspired by reading them, especially Kate’s - It’s like a internet kick up the arse into doing productive things right? Or maybe that’s just how I see them. So anyway, I thought I’d share some goals I have for this morning from every aspect of my life.

Another note is that I used to be prone to setting goals with number figures - ‘get to 5k on Instagram’ or ‘lose a stone’. I feel a little bit done with that, whilst I do obviously track stats on my blog and social channels - I don’t want a number to be a goal. It’s not as tangible or fun to work towards.

So here are my five goals for this month that I am going to be working towards:

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Keep To My Editorial Calendar

Last year I wrote a post on how stopping scheduling my posts made me a better blogger essentially. This month, I’m going to disprove my theory… that’s what scientists do when they figure something out isn’t it?

I’ve decided to retry and editorial calendar and the scheduling of some posts ahead of time. The reason behind this is because one, I wanted to see how this affected my page views and whether organisation is key and secondly, because there’s something nice about ‘being ahead with work’ - so there’s that.

So I’ve got my editorial calendar ready, some posts planned, some half finished - most not even touched yet but I have a plan. I’ll report back at the end of the month and let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Find a Morning Routine that works

I'm an absolutely terrible morning person, it takes me SO long to get going. Every night I go to bed with a picturesque view of me waking up, doing yoga, sipping coffee and getting cracking on work before 8am. Instead it usually goes a little bit like, wake up groggy, drinking cold tea and sad breakfast and getting to work at 10am. 

Something I've realised is that you have to make mornings work for you. So I'm not naturally a morning person? That's cool, perhaps exercise is better off in the evening for me and maybe making breakfast the morning before (hello overnight oats!) is a better way to ease myself into the morning.

I'm still figuring out what works for me, but this April I will get to the bottom of it.

Cook a New Dish a Week

I love cooking, I really do but I can get a little bit boring with my cooking habits. Often opting to cook the same meals rather that different ones, concentrating on ease over excitement. I noticed that Jasmin was doing a year long challenge of cooking new meals weekly and it inspired my to try it but just for April (because a year is a loooonng commitment!).

My sister bought the new Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Cookbook and I think I might invest in that too - just to take things back to basics and learn some new meals that I can remember with or without the recipe book to hand. I'm also going to be reliving my Leon Fast Food cookbook and the Top With Cinnamon one too. 

Also on a whim I signed up to Carly Rowena's Get Gorgeous guide as there was a 20% off sale this weekend, so these meals will be healthy, nutritious ones also!

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Continue to Weekly Vlog

Tomorrow marks the second week that I've been weekly vlogging which in the grand scheme of things isn't that long but, I am determined to keep going throughout April and hopefully further. I really enjoy having the vlogs to look back on, like little snippets of memories.

Also I really love learning how to edit things and developing my skills. In fact I really think this is the year that I will stick to YouTube, it's a really fun new challenge which I've been enjoying. If you fancy having a look at what I've been doing over there I'll leave the link here.

I reckon if I keep it up I might treat myself to the Canon G7X because I am craving that serious quality.

Start Some Actual Savings

Ergh, boring one. However in all seriousness, I really want to start getting my savings actually going for once rather than putting money into my savings and then swiftly taking it out. It's an annoying reoccurrence that happens every single month and I really need to get into better habits. Even the smallest amounts make the difference, as long as they actually manage to stay in my account.

I've upgraded my Monzo account to a proper debit card now which I find helpful because getting the notifications when I spend and a consistently updated balance helps with the not overspending my budget. Also I downloaded the Cleo app and well that helps, even if it does make me feel guilty all of the time.

what are your goals this april?