Home Updates That I've Planned for Spring / Summer

suns out, time to get that decorating vibe going right?

Rush and Teal Spring Summer Home Update Plans-15.jpg

Okay, this week has been so far so good with the weather and we all know what that means. It's officially that time of the year where I get into the idea of doing some home updates. In the Winter all I want to do is bury myself under blankets and light all the candles. Spring? I want to paint, redecorate, garden - you name it, I want to do it.

So before all the individual renovation posts come your way I thought I would write a chatty little blog post about what I'm planning over the next couple of months, all starting next weekend. Yeeeey!

Rush and Teal Spring Summer Home Update Plans-5.jpg
Rush and Teal Spring Summer Home Update Plans-9.jpg
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redecorate the lounge

So first, and probably most excitingly - the lounge. It's happening, I've been thinking about it for a while but I've finally reached the stage where I'm ready to give it the care and attention it needs. In the past it's all been very minor changes, a coffee table change, more plants and some wall stickers. This time? We're thinking bigger.

Firstly, everywhere in the house is due a new lick of paint and we're starting with our open plan lounge / hallway / stairs and landing area. We've decided finally to break away from the white walls and we're going to be painting it all a light grey colour. I'm a little nervous, I love the feel of clean white walls but after painting our bathroom a deep blue last year, I've got the non-white walls bug.

Also, to add a little excitement to the grey we're adding in some palm leaf print wall paper on the main wall - I've wanted to extend my love for plants for a while and after my sister found this bargain paper from B&Q we couldn't resist.

Lastly will be soft furnishing updates - previously the colour scheme was grey and mustard and I think I'll be taking it more down the greenery and monochrome route. I've seen some prints and cushions recently so I just need to pull it all together!

Sort the Garden Out

I swear every year we mention sorting the garden out, we get half way there and then give up. It's a pretty big empty space at the moment and it's screaming for something to happen. So, I recon that this year will be the year we actually achieve a nice outdoor space.

We're not thinking anything overly extravagant or exciting, just laying some turf, adding a shed for Morgan to store his bikes and tools, adding more potted plants in and also my parents are giving us their old outdoor furniture which is super exciting.

The garden is something we're going to scrimp and save on as much as possible as it isn't really an all year round kinda thing, but it would be so nice to have somewhere to sit in the summer without looking out onto a pile of weeds!

Rush and Teal Spring Summer Home Update Plans-18.jpg
Rush and Teal Spring Summer Home Update Plans-13.jpg
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bedroom furniture upgrade

Our bedroom is not my favourite space by any means. The downstairs really sold this place to us and the upstairs is very so, so - especially compared to my last house where the bedroom was the biggest room! We've had the same furniture in the bedroom for years, none of it matches and it has no real 'vibe' at all.

It's such a small thing to get annoyed about but the room frustrates me, so over the next few months I'm going to make a special effort to get it to a place where I find it more enjoyable. First and foremost like the rest of the house it needs a lick of paint. I think we'll stay white in this room as it is quite small and just let the prints do the talking.

So mostly I am looking into getting a new bed frame and mattress - mostly because I am desperate to move away from our current sleigh bed (which takes up far too much room) and go for something a lot more simpler and minimal that can be adapted with bedding and throws.

Also I'd love for Morgan and I to finally have matching bedside tables... now that is the dream right?!

add more fun

I've been really inspired by Emma Jane Palin recently (both her blog and her Instagram), her interiors style is so fun and interesting. After really looking around my house I've noticed that it's got the basis to be interesting but it really could do with some more stuff, more colour, more art and just more fun.

The plants in my house make it feel homely so I would really like to invest in some more soon, especially a large cactus - I've wanted one for so long but have been putting myself off spending ££ in one go on one plant. Also I feel like perhaps I need to look for some more fun bright plant pots and change out some of the old boring ones we already have.

Lastly I'd love some more art work, prints and independent shop bits and pieces. I feel like sometimes some of the things dotted around my house are very unoriginal and therefore a little uninspiring, so I really want to inject a little uniqueness into my home.