Easter Lush Bath Recipe

'Cos Easter isn't all about chocolate now is it?


Easter has come around scarily fast this year hasn't it? But hey who's complaining we're staring right into a pretty good four day weekend situation. I mean nothing says good weekend like a four day weekend does it?

So how will you be celebrating your Easter weekend? Family dinners, chocolate eggs and maybe getting damp in this on going rain? Well, chocolate is all well and good but here's how I propose we should all be spending our Easter weekend. In the bath, with a book and a hell of a lot of self-care.

I had a little look into how I could make a bath situation as Easter-y as possible, and of course our age old fave babe Lush came up trumps. I mean you can't have a bath without something from the old faithful can you?

Rush and Teal Lush Easter Bath-4.jpg
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the bath recipe 

So what needs to go in a completely amazing Easter bath kind of set up. Well I'm glad you asked, I've been testing a few of the Easter range over the last couple weeks and these are the pieces that came up trumps in my eyes:  

Golden Egg - You're either a glittery bath bomb kind of person, or you're not. Unfortunately for Morgan I 100% am. This bath bomb is no exception to the love and it is especially sparkly which in my book is a massive bonus. The Golden Egg smells absolutely delicious, a mixture of orange oil, cocoa butter and bergamot oil. It's sweet and super relaxing - the perfect mix for your Easter bath. 

Bunch of Carrots - Ever get a bit precious over your Lush bath bomb stock and get a little sad when it's running low? Hopefully not just me. Either way this little bunch of carrots helps this situation. How you ask? Because they're reusable, for a while anyway. Pop them under the tap to create some Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oil bubbles and then, just dry them out afterwards and you can repeat all over again. Yay!

Cream Egg - Fun fact: I'm not actual a fan of ~real~ creme eggs. They're too sugary for my liking but these cream eggs? Now this was a surprising favourite for me - mint chocolate is not something I'd usually put into my bath. But, here we are. The spearmint, cocoa and sheer butter is really a damn good refreshing bath mix.

Here Comes The Sun - Okay, I'm starting to see a pattern here. I may or may not be obsessed with bergamot oil. This is probably my favourite product out of the bunch. That is because I do tend to have more showers that I do bath's and this one is good for either. Also all winter I've been loving shower oils, why? Because they make you feel super warm even when it's cold outside. This one is the perfect winter into spring mix. 

 Wash Behind Your Ears - Another thing to admit? Yep, this is the first ever solid shampoo I've tried. I wasn't expecting to like it but actually I really did. And not because I have a bunny loving disposition. It lathers up nicely and leaves your hair feeling deeply cleansed and soft. It's got a healthy mixture of cider vinegar, rosewood oil and carrot/lemon cleansing oils. I'd love to see this product get made a permenant fixture.

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self care essentials

Bath recipe sorted but, we all know that it's not just the actual bath which makes the bath. It's actually taking the time for yourself and knowing that that time is yours. Considering we have a four day weekend coming up, the least we can do for ourselves is promising a little time to relax.

So what constitutes as a self care essential? Honestly, that's down to you. I'm not a guru of self care, in fact at times I can be pretty terrible at it. I'll work all hours, never give myself a break from the screen and run myself in to the floor and become an emotional mess. This is something I'm trying to tackle, so here's what works for me:

Good reading material, obviously. If I'm feeling like I'm struggling to concentrate a good interiors magazine is what I reach for and if I have a little more brain capacity - I'll grab my book. A drink always helps, if It's a Friday night obviously that drink will be a glass of red but mostly I just try and drink all the water - good for the brain right. Candles are also on the list because, it's probably a placebo but they make me feel better!

Rush and Teal Lush Easter Bath-29.jpg

have a happy easter

Whatever you do this weekend I hope you have the best weekend, don't forget to squeeze in that me time and have a giant Lush bath! If you are looking for a little reading material, well don't mind a bit of self promotion here - my sister and I started a newsletter back in January, it's called Slow Sunday Club and it comes out every Sunday at 9am on the dot. It's a little bit of something to help you take your Sunday slower.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you're enjoying my beauty based ones!