Summer Memories with Rekorderlig

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Grapefruit martini

What you will need:

25ml of Extra Dry Vermouth

Squeeze of Fresh Lemon

Tsp Honey

330ml (one bottle) of Rekorderlig Grapefruit - Rosemary

Over Ice & Rosemary and Lemon for garnish!


The taste:

A very mild citrusy grapefruit flavour with those rosemary top notes!

The memory of summer…

I'm not sure about you but summer signified so many things to me; good memories, late evenings in the garden and sipping cocktails. Whilst I could probably chat all day about good memories and how to spend late evenings - this post is actually a little chat on three new cocktails to try using the Rekorderlig Botanicals Range.

Consisting of three tasty flavours: Grapefruit-Rosemary, Peach-Basil and Rhubarb-Lemon-Mint, these delicious drinks serve a little something for everyone... even your fussy friend. If you can't work out who that is, then it's probably you!

All these cocktails are super easy to make considering half the job is already done by Rekorderlig and their delicious blends. All you need is a couple of key ingredients and a few spirits you'll probably find hiding in your alcohol cupboard. Plus a little bit of creativity because, if you're going to bother making cocktails you might as well make them super fancy right?

Read on to find out how to make each cocktail step by step and let me know at the end which one has taken your fancy!  

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The verdict and serving suggestions

i'll be honest usually grapefruit has absolutely not appeal to me. It's bitter and considering i'm a person who actually cannot deal with sour sweets - I normally would pass a grapefruit drink without a doubt. However, to my surprise I found myself loving this cocktail. After putting all the effort in making this cocktail, I thought I'd have a sip to see before passing it to one of my friends and to my surprise I found myself not wanting to give it away.

Something I loved about this cocktail was the fact it was refreshing, not too overly sweet and easy to sip and enjoy. Sometimes cocktails can be a little too sweet on the palate after a while but, this particular flavour just kept being enjoyed.

Also aesthetically how pleasing is this cocktail? The soft pink hues against a muted piece of rosemary. Devine, honestly putting this on my Instagram will be an absolute pleasure!

As for how to serve? What you need is a comfy chair, some kind of 90s throwback playlist, a selection of your best friends and maybe a bowl of olives. I think that is the ultimate way to enjoy this drink without a doubt. 


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Peach Muddler

What you will need:

4 Peach Slices

25ml Dry Gin

25ml Fresh Lemon Juice

330ml (one bottle) of Rekorderlig

Ice & a Sprig of Basil and a Slice of Lemon


The taste:

A fresh yet tangy flavour with a rich peach and light basil notes.

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Another cocktail? Why not...

Is it even a real celebration (even if that celebration is just a Friday night!) if you don't have more than one cocktail on offer? The answer is no! Everyone has their individual tastes and this Botanical Range really does cover all bases. Whilst they all might compliment each other, they really do have their individual traits.

As the main taste of these cocktails come handily bottled up there's no need for jugs with the risk of being spilt and messy kitchens to clean up - nope just one clean and easy workstation! All the more reason to serve more than one cocktail am I right?

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The verdict and serving suggestions

I knew I'd love this cocktail after reading the ingredients! Gin, my greatest love and peaches - the fruit of actual queens. This one was a real all round crowd pleaser, easy to drink with a distinctive and fruity taste plus a sprig of basil under the nose never really goes a miss either.

For me I feel like this is a cocktail I'll consistently return to throughout the year whether it's just a night in with Morgan on a cosy Friday night or when I get all the girls round for a sleepover (yeah we're twenty-six and we still do sleepovers). 

The simplicity of this cocktail is really what makes it, It packs a punch with it's full peachy flavour but you can tell that there's minimal ingredients and sometimes, definetly in this case - less is more.

Serving suggestion? What you'll need is a record player complete with all your best and favourite records (so that's a whole lot of Death Cab for Cutie in my case), a homemade meal which tastes kind of bad for you - maybe like a curry complete with naan breads and Bombay potatoes and a few of your favourite people who won't moan too much about your music taste. 


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Rhubarb Blush

What you will need:

25ml of White Rum

25ml of Pineapple Juice

Tbsp of Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Tsp Grenadine

330ml (one bottle) of Rekorderlig Rhubarb-Lemon-Mint

Ice & a Sprig of Mint and a Slice of Lime to Garnish


The taste:

Intense Rhubarb flavour combined with a citrus note and refreshing mint.

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Three's a crowd? That's a lie...

Whenever you go to a nice fancy restaurant you get trios of things, trio of cheeses, trio of desserts... you see where I'm going right? The best things come in threes - so do these cocktails. This set just wouldn't be complete without it's tangy Rhubarb sister.

These Botanical Blends really do compliment each other and bring a seriously delicious but different taste to the table. So far we've had refreshing, subtle and now we have the tangy punch of taste to come.

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The verdict & serving suggestion...

This tangy delight is definetly the show stealer, from it's bright hues to deep taste - it is as impressive to look at as it is tasty. Like any good cocktail it really ticks all the boxes and if you're putting on a party soon this will be the one to serve.

For me I'm an absolute sucker for rhubarb, so I personally felt like this particular flavour from the Botanicals Range was made for me! I'm so excited to purchase some more of these and make them for my friends and family. Although I'd secretly be hoping that they didn't fancy them and I could drink them all!

The punch of this cocktail is what really makes it enjoyable. If you're a fan of something with a little more kick, then this is the one for you. The addition of rum gives that real summer vibe too, like a mojito but a lot more fun.

Serving suggestion? Party. Have a party, make lots of these drinks and dance until the early hours. This cocktail demands a touch of fun. Whether it's dinner party or dancing in the kitchen towards the morning hours. Do this cocktail the justice it deserves!

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So now you've seen all three, which one takes your fancy?

This post was sponsored by Rekorderlig but all thoughts are of course my own!