I'm Not a Niche Blogger, Can I Still Find Success?

Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

This is just one of those spur of the moment blog posts, so I do apologise if this is just a rambling brain dump but bear with me. I've been thinking about about blogging recently, this year between my blog and my social channels it has become my main source of income and a place I concentrate a lot of my efforts. It's only natural to question your every move when you work so hard towards something. Recently my questioning has revolved around how important having a niche is.

I've never had a niche blog, It's always been a representation of my life - a bit of everything. My personality has never been one to refine a hobby or a particular love. As a child I tried everything: horse riding, gymnastics, brownies... you name it - I did it (although my family still laugh over how I never stuck at anything). In fact the only thing I've ever stuck at is blogging.

Occasionally I question whether I'm doing the right thing by having a mix of all the categories, am I spreading myself to thin? Jack of all trades but master of none? Is it really a benefit to be an everything girl. Should I have chosen a niche and stuck to it? Would I be more successful.

So I thought, I'd discuss my thoughts and feelings towards this giant thought process.

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Confined Spaces

When we were in Paris our hotel had the smallest lift ever, everyday Sophie, Sarah and I would all squeeze in. We were like sardines and unable to move, I mean in that instance - it was fine, we've known each other a long time and it was one of those memories we'll laugh back on. However, that's what a niche represents to me.

Now I'm just speaking from personal experience and the way my brain works. I like change, I like being able to move around, explore things and drop them when I grow tired of them. If Rush & Teal were to become a niche blog, I could see myself growing claustrophobic (in the internet sense) and wanting out. 

I mean where would a blog post rambling on about some thoughts fit in on a refined topic blog? I mean what even would I consider my main topic? 

The lesson to take from here is that you have to listen to yourself, your personality.  If you perhaps feel the opposite to me and feel like you're swimming in a sea of content and are lost - perhaps a niche is the right way for you.

Learn and Grow

I started Rush & Teal in 2012. I started it as a fashion blog, not the outfit kind either. I think I used to do a lot of wish lists and talk about trends. After that, it was a beauty blog - I'd do singular product reviews (because they were all the rage) and then I discovered lifestyle and chatted about baking (which I'm terrible at).

A lot has changed for me on here over the last six years, I'm not the person I was when I started and I probably will change even more in the next six years to come. The truth is we don't know what's to come and how we will change. After talking about my personality type I can almost be assured that I will mix things up again - because that's who I am.

I never want to define my blog down to a tee because I wouldn't want to fool anyone into thinking that's what it'll be forever. I always want my space on the internet to grow and adjust - just as I do.

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Make it Work For You

This isn't a tips post and there isn't a right or wrong answer - which I know sometimes we kind of just want an easy straight forward, this is how you do it answer, but this is just not one of those times. I always personally believe you know in your gut what you are doing is either right or wrong. I've tried to make my blog something or another in the past and I knew it wasn't right - and it wasn't.

I've finally now found peace, I write what I want and I challenge myself to try new and different things. This paid off for me, my page views are up and my follower count is steadily growing. 

What I'm trying to say is, do what suits you. Not what you think is right. If you have a category or hobby in your life that you truly are dedicated to and enjoy creating content around no end - then a niche is probably for you. Throw everything into it and make it yours. If you're like me and cannot be confined? Then you do you, write about all the things. There's always way to inject personality into a non-niche blog!

What do you think? Do you need a niche to find success?

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