Paris Travel Journal

Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

So after my Rome Travel Journal I knew I wanted to do something similar for my second trip to Paris this year. It's quite nice to jot down thoughts, recommendations and memories alongside a series of all kinds of shots. This time I included a few shots from my camera as well as my iPhone. Although, looking back through my camera photos - the majority were outfit shots for Sophie!

So yes, despite it being only March - I headed back for another trip to Paris. The reason behind this was because Sarah, Soph and I have been planning a trip to Paris for as long as we have known each other. This year, we bit the bullet, booked some cheep Eurostar tickets and heading to the city of love.

Honestly, Paris gets better every time I go. This was probably my favourite time, it was so chilled yet we did so much. We took beautiful photos, drank much coffee, ate some incredible food and drank red wine into the night most nights. Absolute perfection.

Rush and Teal Paris Shots-44.jpg
Rush and Teal Paris Shots-6.jpg

The Weekend

We had a long weekend booked, early Friday morning to Monday afternoon. The perfect amount of time to explore and get everything we wanted doing. So as I said we headed out early on Friday morning, I always love getting the Eurostar in comparison to flying - such ease and well, you can take a ton more luggage.

Once we got there we headed straight for the hotel we were staying in - Hotel Henriette. Honestly, what a beauty of a hotel, listed as a three star, budget friendly hotel - the interiors say the complete opposite. It was beautifully styled, in the kind of way in which you want your house to be. I could gush about it for hours, but just check out their Instagram and you'll be in love too!

Friday was the only nice weather day, 14 degrees, light jacket weather kind of thing. We spent the early afternoon in Le Marias - wondering around the sunny streets, drinking coffee in Ob-La-Di and lusting over Frankie Store. In the late afternoon we headed over to the Eiffel Tower as it was Sarah's first trip to Paris - what a perfect day to see it with all the blue sky.

The rest of the weekend? Snow. Can you believe it?! It's almost laughable how whenever I go to Paris it snows! It didn't dampen our spirits at all though, we even had full blown photo shoots in the midst of heavy snowfall. We spent our time basically eating, drinking and wandering and it was perfect.

Rush and Teal Paris Shots-17.jpg
Rush and Teal Paris Shots-28.jpg
Rush and Teal Paris Shots-41.jpg

A Few Recommendations

I didn't want to do a comprehensive city guide as I didn't quite set myself up for it with photos etc, maybe that's a good reason to go back though right?! But, here are a few of the things/places that I would recommend to anyone visiting Rome:

Trust the locals: Whenever I've been to Paris previously I've spent hours researching on Instagram and through blogs where the trendiest spots are to eat. The kind with queues, amazing interiors and huge Instagram followings. This time? We trusted our hotel's staff. We ate in the area near our hotel, we tried to do it differently. It payed off. The first night we dined at an incredible Moroccan restaurant across the road from the hotel called Le Sirroco - the food, the wine, the atmosphere. All amazing. Other places included an amazing fondue place called L'Assiette aux Fromages and then lastly we went for sharing boards at Les Négociants. Locals know best.

Angelina's hot chocolate is all it's cracked up to be: I've always been so like, meh It's hot chocolate - do I really need to go to Angelina's? Answer is, actually yes you do. That hot chocolate is INSANE. It's like drinking liquid happiness. Although I will note, I would never bother queuing to go in - just get the takeaway outside. Truth is there is no way you could fit cake in as well as that hot chocolate!

Check out the random photo booth in Monmarte:  On our last morning we stumbled across the cutest little photobooth on the side. It was €3 a strip and honestly was some of the best fun we had all trying to cram into a little booth! Luckily thanks to my iPhone I have the vague address of it - Rue des Trois Feres! Thank me later 😉

Bring spending money for Sezane: Finally I have managed to go into the Le Sezane Apartment. It was everything I dreamed of and more. It kind of reminded me a little of & Other Stories, but more chilled I guess. Whilst Sophie bought some beautiful pieces of clothes and shoes, I settled for the stationary bit because, well can't resit some good looking stationary and my budget suited that sooo.

Go with your gal pals: My top recommendation? Go with your girls. It may be the city of love but share that love with your girlfriends! We had the best fun together and have made some seriously fun memories. Sitting up and drinking red wine in bed is just something you have got to do once with your faves!

Rush and Teal Paris Shots-27.jpg

Hope you enjoyed this travel journal, if you haven't already seen my Rome one make sure you check it out!

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