Four Skincare Products Which Are Making My Skin's Dreams Come True

Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn't written about beauty for a while, I looked back and remembered why. My beauty posts tend not to spark conversation in the way that my other posts do. Like any blogger, I'm always striving to create the best and engaging content - so if something isn't working I tend to just push it to the side.

However, I'm actually still super into beauty and always will be. I read Laura and Lily's blog on a daily basis, I follow all my favourite brands on Instagram and keep myself well versed for when my friends ask me for recommendations.

So I've decided rather than pushing something I enjoy completely to the side because lifestyle is the predominant category on this blog, I thought I would include beauty in more of a chatty sense. See, I'm not an expert and I tend to use products until I finish them and I'm actually terrible at eyeshadow. So, I might just include a few posts here and there for all of those who are with me in the 'I love beauty but I'm not really sure what I'm doing' category. Sound good? Let me know.

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The Current Line Up

Okay, so as per my rather long winded blog post title today - I'm going to chat a little bit about skincare bits that I am using and coveting right now. I'll be straight with you, I've been that girl who's dropped a hundred quid on one visit to Aesop, I've also been the one who's cut the top off of a sample size moisturiser to get the last of it out and occasionally I'm that drunk girl who wakes up with all the make up she was wearing last night, only it's ten degrees to the left. I am not beauty angel, that's for sure.

Recently I've learnt that less is more, especially when you haven't really got the funds to be buying all the new it products and you're a tad lazy. There's four products which seem my face regularly and a couple of muslin cloths too (I think I have enough to make a sail for a small boat). 


I start the morning grabbing a couple of cotton pads and wiping the Sanctuary Spa Foaming Micellar Water over the entirety of my face and am always shocked by the fact there is always MORE mascara coming off (do my eyelashes produce extra overnight?!). Next up, I fill a sink, pop my muslin cloth in and cover my face with the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser, massage it in, clean off and repeat. Why do I do it twice? No idea. I heard double cleansing was a thing once. I'll dab my face dry and whack on some moisturiser, I was using the Glossier Priming Moisturiser but that ran out and now I'm sample surfing.

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I'm one of those people who isn't particularly religious about when I shower, usually morning but if I've been for the gym I'll shower in the evening too. I only use the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub* in the shower, because it's super gritty and I can never get it off my face properly in a sink.

Around twice a week I'll use the This Works Evening Detox Clay Mask* - again being the lazy skincare person I am, I don't have specific days - just coincides with when I have a little extra time, am having a bath or my skin just needs it. I'm really rubbish at remembering to use masks but, this one has such good results I actually look forward to using it. I find it pretty nice after the gym and a warm shower.

And on a normal evening I just repeat my morning routine. I really need to learn some more about oils and serums and stuff.

A Little Review

Sanctuary Spa Foaming Micellar Water - I picked this up when grabbing some travel minis from boots a few weeks ago and hadn't realised it was foaming. I've generally avoided foaming products like the plague as I tend to find them a bit drying. However, this works quite nicely on my skin and as I primarily just removing it for make up removal, it just means I'm not over using the water unnecessarily. 

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser - I wrote some thoughts about this cleanser when I first bought it, which were not all that positive but being that person who endeavours to use an entire product - I persevered with it. Turns out, I think my skin just needed to get used to it. I now love this cleanser and whilst I do miss creamier cleansers, it does the job and my skin is pretty clear and cheerful too.

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Deep Cleansing Scrub* - I was put off 'proper' scrub exfoliators for years when the likes of Pixi Glow Tonic came into my life but nowadays I'm totally on board with a scrub. I feel like it really gets into my poors and feels like a more active approach to keeping my skin clear. The active charcoal in this really refreshes my skin. Although, I can only use this in the shower otherwise I end up in a right gritty mess.

This Works Evening Detox Clay Mask* - Twice weekly this is my best skincare pal, it's incredibly refreshing and zingy, my skin feels pretty pepped up after a dose. I like the application, it's non messy and comes with a brush inside which you pump the mask through - no green fingers. After using this for a few weeks I have noticed more of a balanced and brighter tone in my skin. This will definetly be a repurchase for me, never have I got on with a face mask so well.

Let me know if you liked this type of post ✨

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~ Some of these products were gifted, they are marked with an * and also affiliate links have been used~