Second Hand Love with Mercari

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Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

I have always been terrible at shopping for second hand clothes, or selling them on that note. I consistently chuck money at new clothes and send my unwanted pieces to the charity shop without a second thought. So when Mercari got in touch about working together, I was 100% on board to change the way I shop and sell clothes.

Honestly, I'm a lazy girl at heart - the idea of having to go to the post office to send clothes off and to dig through the depths of my wardrobe on a regular basis sent panic through me. Suprisingly enough though, I really got into it. I went on amazon and bought some cool foil bubble wrap envelopes the PRs sent stuff through in and some bigger pink bags, plus some little thank you notes. 

After immediately popping up a dozen items, I patiently sat and waited for when I could pack my first ever package off. Honestly it was less than an hour and I sold something, who knew it could be that easy?

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Lets talk about the buying side. Originally when the idea was pitched to me I knew selling clothes would be no problem, but I was worried about buying pieces. Would there be anything I liked? Would they have my sizes? Would it be fashionable enough? Yes. Yes. and YES!

I was honestly shocked about how much I found (and spent) in a short amount of time flicking through the app. I found some of my favourite bloggers on there, hunted through their shops and bought all their clothes. The exciting thing was the pieces I found were things I had wanted from the highstreet in previous months that I had just missed out on.

The top in the photos below I nabbed off of Becca, this Topshop beauty was exactly what I was after for my outfit for Valentines Day and I got it at the fraction of the price it originally sold for. It now has prize of place in my wardrobe and I cannot wait to give it more outings when the pesky snow goes away!

Also, Mercari tend to do % off through the phone notifications randomly - so there's some real bargains to be had.

Second Hand Love Mercari Feb Rush and Teal-24.jpg
Second Hand Love Mercari Feb Rush and Teal-25.jpg


I won't lie, selling is definetly a perk on Mercari. Unlike other apps it doesn't take a percentage off of you to sell through them. It's a fast and handy app which makes you clothes and anything else you are seeing easily visible. Often you'll find you bits in the top picked that day!

I've managed to sell a few bits through the app, the communication and payment is fast and easy. It really takes the stress out of selling which has always put me off in the past. I've noticed other bloggers doing extremely well selling too. It's just another fantastic way to shop your favourite blogger styles.

I'm about to do another huge wardrobe clear out this week and I can't wait to make some more funds to enable this new found second hand shopping addiction.

You can find my Mercari shop here if you fancy a bargain 🛍

P.s. Have you signed up for Slow Sunday Club yet? The fifth edition comes out Sunday 4th February.

~ This post was sponsored by Mercari but all thoughts as always are my own ~