Where an Earth Did February Go? And Other Notes.

Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

I cannot believe it is the last day of February. Honestly after the longest January in the history of the world, this was probably the fastest February ever. It feels like it zoomed by in the blink of an eye and now here we are, feeling no closer to spring under blankets chatting about the snow.

This morning I went out with my best pal and took photos of the snow. We were out before 8am, before the kids got to the snow with their sleds, before half the town had even woken up. Walking around capturing the snowy scenes, we had a good chat about life and happenings.

It felt good to chat about life, so I thought that's exactly what I'd do on today's blog post... just have a chat.

Snow Day Feb Rush and Teal-9.jpg
Snow Day Feb Rush and Teal-12.jpg
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February in Review

So February, it's been a whirl wind. I started the month in Paris, celebrating mine and Morgan's ten year anniversary by exploring and staying in the amazing Hoxton Paris. We also ended the month in a different city too, we had four days in the incredible Rome - some words on that coming this week.

It's not all been just travelling though, work has been busy and now finally I've found more of a balance with it. No days working until midnight now, just productive days spent drinking tea and cracking through my to do list. Just how I like it. Work doesn't have to be stressful, there needs to be balance.

I've also had a few changes in my lifestyle too, less time on my iPhone, more time reading, long warm baths and drinking tea with friends. All of these have made me a happier person. I plan to continue on my struggle to use my phone less next month too.

Blog-wise, I've only posted six posts - but that's okay. Quality over quantity right? The days of feeling pressured to post x amount of posts a week are over. It's funny how these things change right?

Focuses for March

Yay for a new month? Anybody feel like each fresh month is an exciting chance to realign your goals and focuses? I think we all do, things always go a bit askew towards the end of the month (especially when the end of the month is met with snow days). I've taken the time today to do my March spread in my bullet journal and note all the things coming my way in March.

On the blog this month I've got much requested posts such as How I Edit My Instagram Photos, Creating a Collage Grid and Styling a Rented Home coming up. I also plan on some more fashion and beauty based bits which have been a little scarce around here recently.

Slow Sunday Club is going into it's sixth edition this week, it is so exciting how this is growing and changing as the weeks go by. We've got a really exciting announcement on Sunday - a real one for everyone to get involved in, so if you haven't already signed up to receive the weekly newsletter, I'll just leave the link here.

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Just Some Things

Great subtitle right? You can tell my brain is not quite here today can't you? Honestly, a bit of snow and that's it - absolute mush. I wanted to have a nap but thought I should probably finish this before snow photos become a little too irrelevant. So here's a few things I've been thinking about recently:

1. Shooting Film - I promised myself this year I would learn to shoot film better, practise it more. Print my photos, organise them and put them into scrapbooks. I want to have memories, refine a skill and just be as creative as possible. 

2. Doing More on the Weekends - Sometimes I just kinda get to the weekend and just want to mope around the house. Which is fine sometimes, but I really want to get into the habit of doing things on the weekend. Walking places, explore coffee shops and garden centres alike. 

3. Learning Skills - Already this year I've set out to learn a lot, how to edit photos better, how to up my Instagram game, making custom graphics. I want to continue to learn more for personal and business growth. Next I really want to up my video editing game and learn more about graphic design. I'm on the hunt for resources and courses, so if you know of any. Give me a shout!

Snow Day Feb Rush and Teal-8.jpg

Lastly, I'd like to note how happy I am that I bothered to go out and take photos in the snow. I'm quite pleased with them 

P.s. Have you signed up for Slow Sunday Club yet? The fifth edition comes out Sunday 4th February.

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