Things I Learnt About Myself When My Boyfriend Bought Me Lingerie

Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

Well, there's one thing for certain here - I never, ever thought I would publish a blog post that displayed my my shirt undone, with my bra on show - but here we are. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude and I welcomingly applaud all those girls showcasing their self-confidence. But me? Well, I just never saw it happening.

Until it did.

See, I'm a pretty confident person and I don't ~hate~ my looks but I wouldn't say I'm overly self-confident. I'm not the ideal body shape, I have lumps and bumps, marks and scars. I've never felt remotely confident to talk about underwear on here, until now.

Why did things change so dramatically?

Well, Morgan was challenged by John Lewis to buy me some lingerie for Valentines Day. So he did and he did good. It all fitted and I felt incredible in my own skin. So when I came to write up this blog post, instead of sticking to a safe old set of flatlays I thought fuck it, it's time to be self-confident, It's time to show the world that I'm okay with being me with all my flaws.

It's time to actually love myself for who I am.

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The Challenge 

So as I said, Morgan was challenged by John Lewis to buy me some lingerie for Valentines Day. They created a pretty guy-friendly guide, set him off with a budget and well, hoped for the best I guess. I mean, the temptation to help him was unreal on my part. I was half terrified he would buy me a bright pink bra with zero support for my bigger than average breasts and then some terribly complicated thongs.

I was more than relieved when it came to the actual gift giving. It turns out ten years of relationship matched with a guide to the deep depths of lingerie buying is enough to equal a pretty happy recipient.

The guide was pretty handy, Morgan chose to purchase online as he's been so busy with work recently - he's said it was pretty fast and easy, he managed to do it all from the comfort of his phone whilst watching Netflix. The presents all arrived next day, so he could quickly wrap them for me.

The Outcome

Firstly I opened up the Freya Soiree Lace High Apex Balcony Bra (the one shown in the photos of me 🙈), after a sigh of relief at the colour (I love a black bra) I then began to realise how perfect it was. This being a DD+ style of bra meant that it was equally supportive as it was beautiful. The detail was gorgeous but the main bonus for me was not spilling over the top of it. Big boob problems! He'd also got me the matching knickers too, they were so cute and the pair looked incredible together.

On the other end of the scale he also got me the Fantasie Alicia Side Support Underwired Balcony Bra and matching knickers which really blew me away. As mentioned I'm a black bra kinda girl but this cream coloured floral number was just bloomin' gorgeous. Again, it was another bra especially for us bigger breasted ladies - so it fitted like an absolute dream.

Both sets honestly have instantly become my favourite lingerie sets. It's amazing how good underwear can make you feel when it's purchased right.

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What I Learnt About Myself

I think the most amazing part of this whole experience is what I learnt about myself. I've learnt that actually I can pose in from of the camera with little more than a bra on and not feel like complete rubbish. Which honestly is the best thing to of happened for to my self-confidence for a long old time.

For the first time in a long time, I've been made to open my eyes - to stop judging myself for my lack of abs and the presence of rolls when I sit down. I've realised I am worthy of  sexy lingerie and the compliments I get from my boyfriend. My size, my looks - they don't define me. 

All that really matters is the way I feel about myself, and when something makes you feel that great - how can you not love yourself?

Basically, the underwear made me feel worthy. And that's a great feeling.

Rush and Teal John Lewis Underwear-12.jpg

So yeah, I'm going to go hide under a blanket when I publish this but it's safe to say I feel pretty proud of how far I've come in terms of self-confidence. Here's to good lingerie making women feel incredible.

This post is in collaboration with John Lewis

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