Five Things I'm Doing Differently in February

Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

Happy Valentines Day pals. Hope you have a good one whether you're spending it with the girls, your cat or your other half. As long as you spend it treating yourself that's all that matters. I personally am tempted by having a second pancake day!

I've always had this concept of new bag, new me. Anyone else feel like this? When you buy a new bag, you sort it all out, maybe change purse, pop a new lip balm in - through away all your train tickets and receipts and then suddenly you feel like a new woman? Okay, maybe just me but when I got my new Radley Greyfriars Garden Cross Body Bag* I all of a sudden felt like I needed to switch up a few things. 

So I thought I'd talk through five things I'm doing a little bit different in February.

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Getting My Sweat On 

That's right, I've cracked it! I'm finally back at the gym now, it took me ages to get myself back there but as soon as I'm back I'm so ready to keep going. It's crazy how easy it is to get back into a routine, I've booked into several classes for the weeks coming and I'm already so excited to get back on board with it all.

For me the gym used to be purely about shedding weight, burning calories and looking good, but now it's different. I've come to realise how much better it makes me feel mentally, so it's as much of a work out for my mind as it is for my body. That being said, I'm ready to start getting my body back into better shape!

This time around I've decided to put away the scales and any kind of measurement mechanisms. Whilst I appreciate how great it is to see when you've lost, It really messes you up when you've been working hard and you have gained - so for now, I'm just going off how I feel.

Putting My Phone Down

A few days ago I really hit a point with social media, I realised then how much it gets me down at times and what a ridiculous amount of time I was spending on it. In that minute, I downloaded an app called Moment and decided to cut the time I was spending scrolling through social media. 

When I checked, on average I was spending around 5-6 hours A DAY on my phone. What even? That cannot be normal, no wonder I've been feeling a little down with it all. Luckily since downloading the app I have managed to halve the time and now am looking to cap it to around 2 hours a day. 

It's not easy but since giving it a little bit more of a break I feel more a part of the real world. In fact since putting my phone down I was able to push myself back to them gym and start reading again.

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Flicking Through Pages

Leading on from the last point, I needed to fill some of my scroll time with something engaging. I was a nightmare for spending hours on my phone at night time, just scrolling. So I decided to challenge myself to start reading again. After taking account of some book reviews I had seen and the one my sister did in Slow Sunday Club Edition One, I bought two new books and found a few on my shelves I wanted to read again.

I've decided that I'm not the best at staying engaged with a book, so short bursts of reading work much better for me. So with that in mind I'm going to try to read one to two books a month and write a little review on them. Perhaps on here or maybe just my Instagram stories?

Changing Up My Instagram

Instagram has actually been going surprisingly well for me this year, I hit 4k the other week and get a lot of engagement on my photos which is super exciting. But naturally I get bored, so I've decided to curate my theme a  little differently. I should note at the time of writing this I haven't actually posted any of my 'new' ideas yet, I'm just playing around with it.

However, going forward I want my Instagram photos to be more of a reflection of my creative side rather than generic photos just for the 'gram y'know. So I'm going to try and work with my creative skills I've learnt through other platforms and combine them all on my Instagram.

Think doodles, typography, words, photographs, snapshots. Like a scrapbook diary really!

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Refining My Style

Honestly fashion is my true love, I love finding styles, shopping and curating outfits but recently I've felt a little lost with it all. After speaking to Kelly the other day, who said she's looking into a capsule wardrobe - I thought I would myself take a look at what I have and make some decisions going forward.

I want to start purchasing more special pieces, ones I truly love rather than purely whats trendy now. I want to stop buying outfits because I need something to wear but utilise what I already have a lot more instead. Style over fast fashion is my current aim.

Amazing really, all these thoughts all started with my new Radley bag - incredible what one bag can do to your brain right? 

This post is in collaboration with Radley

P.s. Have you signed up for Slow Sunday Club yet? The third edition comes out Sunday 18th February.

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