Three Healthy Practices I'm Making Habits Out Of

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I'm not sure about you but my January got off to a rocky start in terms of health. Whilst I definetly jumped on the Veganuary bandwagon, I certainly didn't put my health first. I've adopted a lot of vegan habits and have minimised the accidental slips of cheese (it's a hard one to let go of!) but vegan food isn't necessarily healthy. I've pretty much lived off of Quorn Fishless Fingers. 

So anyway, It's February now and I can still count the amount of times I've been to the gym on one hand. So it's time to get some practices in place right? So that's exactly what I've been doing. If January was the month that made my blog stats boom, February is going to be the one where I stop feeling like a Christmas pudding.

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Drink More Water 

Cliche I know but honestly, drinking more water is something I REALLY need to make more of a habit. In the summer I have absolutely no problem guzzling water but winter? Nope. Give me tea, all I want is tea. It's something I've really been trying to crack. So when Steamer Trading Cookshop offered me a Black + Blum Eau Fresh Charcoal Filter Water Bottle* to try out, I snapped it right up.

See this handy little water bottle not only is good for the planet (because it's reusable and easy to clean - less plastic going to waste and all that) but, it also has a bit of charcoal in it. I know what you're thinking, 'Why is there a giant bit of charcoal in your bottle' well, I shall tell you why. The charcoal helps to filter out chemicals from taps such as chlorine but, it also adds minerals such as calcium back into it. So essentially long story short, it's a reusable water bottle (good for the planet, looks cool...) that tastes like bottled water (yum).

So anyway now I've got this pal, I've got into a routine of remembering to take it with my when I'm out. Before I go to bed every night I fill it up from the tap - pop it in the fridge and boom. It's ready to go!

Packed Lunches Galore

I've always hated packed lunches, as my poor mum knowa. She used to find them exactly as they went out most days when I came home from school. What can I say? Lumpy custard school dinners were the ONE. Anyway, this old hate of packed lunches comes from my severe distaste towards Tupperware. Strange I know but it actually makes me cringe at the thought. I just don't ever believe in my head it's truly clean after a sweaty sandwich has travelled around in it.

Anyway, I am rambling on and going highly off the subject. So in my adult life I've learnt to tolerate Tupperware but I still would opt for a Pret sandwich any day rather than making my own. Not only is this not at all cost effective, but it's not always that healthy either. So my next practice I'm trying to form a habit out of is making a packed lunch.

Most of the time I work from home, which is great but I do have to go in to London a few days a week. When I do I've been taking along my The Black + Blum Food Flask* - which is a nice trendy alternative to the ones that my Dad and I used to take fishing when I was a kid.

Anyway this has been absolutely revolutionary to me. Morgan and I tend to make enough dinner for us both to take a little bit for lunch the next day. Often things like veggie stews or pasta, which go perfectly for this type of container. The flask keeps the food cool for up to eight hours (or hot for six!) - so no sweaty lunch problems for me!

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Raising My Heart bEAT

No handy tool for this one but something I'm trying to get into the habit of is raising my heart beat for at least 30 minutes a day. In reality, I know I can fit much more in if I tried but I think starting small is what helps you to keep going. I'm trying my best to do this at the gym, whether it's a class or time spent on the cross trainer but if I haven't got the time for that - then a brisk walk or a bit of yoga on the TV!

I always love exercise when I get into it, I'm just a little lazy to get going with it. I always have this incredible picture in my mind of my sofa and drinking tea whilst watching friends when I finish a long day - not sweating it out.

So anyway, I've been setting myself targets in my bullet journal to help me tick off these goals - and so far so good but please if you have any tips for getting motivated for the gym - hit me up!

Have you managed to form any healthy habits? I need inspiration!

This post was in collaboration with Steamer Trading Cookshop

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