How I Tripled My Blog Traffic In January

Photography by  Eliza Borrett  / Editing by me!

Photography by Eliza Borrett / Editing by me!

31st January. It's FINALLY here, longest month ever right? It seems everyone's ready to see the back of January - don't get me wrong, it's felt long but I've loved January. Want to know why? Because I actually achieved my blog goals this month and I feel on top of the bloody world. 

One of my goals this month was to double my traffic from last month however, much to my disbelief I actually managed to triple it. So, I thought I would share with you what I did differently this month and the tools I used to achieve my goal. 

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Posting Consistently 

Okay, I'll get the obvious point out of the way but it goes without saying, posting consistently helps build traffic. We all know that, but sometimes we need to be reminded that even though something is obvious, it can be easily overlooked. 

Consistency in blogging helps create a bond between you and your readers, something I always notice is that the longer I blog consistently - the more I recognise the same names commenting on my posts or retweeting onTwitter. However, if I was to have a break from blogging for a few weeks, those readers would go elsewhere to find the content they're looking for. 

Not only is it good for the reader but consistency is good for the blogger too, It helps keep you in the blogging mindset and sparks more creativity. I always feel like I produce my best content when I'm in the zone as such.

Something I have learnt about consistency in 2018 which works for me personally is that I don't need to be so rigid on the days that I post anymore. I used to be OBSESSED with hitting the same days at the same times, and if I missed a day - I would completely fall off the blogging waggon. Nowadays, as long as I'm inspired and I'm producing content I'm proud of, I will post three times a week on the days that work for me.

Starting a New Project

So you've probably heard me banging on about Slow Sunday Club A LOT over the last week or so, but if you're proud of something you've got to shout about it right? Anyway, if you haven't heard yet, pop over to the blog post welcoming you to Slow Sunday Club and join us back here in a mo.

I'm not going to go into the depths of why I started a new project as I wrote about that over on the welcome blog post but I will say, a new project really gets you excited and creative and I think readers and other bloggers alike can sense that excitement and positivity which equals in more interest in your content.

Slow Sunday Club blog post was my most read by far this month, which is super exciting. It goes to show you that you don't always have to rely on 'that type of blog post that always does well' to gain traffic, a new buzz and writing about something you're truly passionate about attracts readers.

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Being More Engaged

Something I promised myself this month is that I would be more engaged, on my blog, on my social media and with bloggers in person too. It's all too easy to sit back and watch things going on around you - just simply double tapping at photos before quickly scrolling or reading a blog post in a rush and not taking the effort to login to your Disqus and comment.

I wanted to be a more engaged audience for the bloggers and creators I love and in turn I wanted to be a more engaged blogger towards the people that had bothered to comment and message me. At first it felt a bit weird spending that little extra time each day to comment on photos or blogs, but slowly I've adapted and I feel like I'm used to taking my time to engage.

I've started to utilise dead time in my life, my commutes to university or coffee breaks on my working days. It helps me to feel more inspired, creative and most importantly part of a community. 

But that's all well and good, but how did it help my traffic increase?

Well, if you put out good in the world, you get out good too. Because I'm taking more time to engage with others and show appreciation to the content their creating, in turn I'm receiving engagement too. This is something I've particularly found with Instagram. Instagram used to generate little to no traffic for my blog, now? It's my biggest traffic drivers, click throughs on my bio have turned from a two figure number to a four figure number this month. Why? Because I engage.

Dropping the Pressure

Pressure is great in the right situation and the right doses. Got a project to pull off? A little pressure goes a long way to helping you keep your mind focused on the target and stick to deadlines. But if your main driver is increasing your traffic and widening your audience, is pressure really necessary?

No. I truly believe you need to leave the pressure for those projects, not for things like figures. I've given myself a break from stressing over figures, whether my blog is good enough or fearing over creative blocks. Let me tell you, I'm a serious worry pot. Or at least I was. Did it ever help me? No.

By leaving the pressure at the door, I have been able to be creative and enjoy the ride that has been January. Yes, I set some goals - but I didn't put weird pressures on myself to achieve them, I just got to work and did what I felt was right and best in each instance. In turn, I've achieved those goals.

Basically in a round about way, I'm saying - maybe pressure has a time and a place. Figure out what works best for YOU.

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So there you have it, those are some of the ways I worked in January to triple my views.

What went well for you this month and what will you be doing going forward?

Also. Yay February tomorrow ! Excited for a new month, new content and MORE engagement. 

P.s. Have you signed up for Slow Sunday Club yet? The second edition comes out Sunday 4th February.

Photography by Eliza Borrett