Brunch and Cocktails at Royal Hotel, Southend

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If there is one thing I love doing on the weekend it's brunching... and sipping on cocktails. Even better when it's in the most beautiful and Instagramable location right? Well, that's exactly how I spent this Saturday at the Royal Hotel in Southend, Essex.

The lovely Penny arranged a intimate bloggers brunch at the Royal Hotel in aid of trying out their new breakfast menu and their incredible speakeasy - Dr Legbra's Emporium of Cocktails & Curiosities. We indulged in a gorgeous breakfast, had a tour of the incredible ballroom and before heading down to the speakeasy for cocktails. It was an incredible way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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Ladies That Brunch

I'm that kind of person who plans what they're eating before heading to the restaurant, I study the menu like a textbook and make the best informed choice I possibly can. So obviously before I was eyeing up all the glorious treats on the menu, but as I'm doing Veganuary I went for the very obvious choice of Vegan Breakfast. And oh my gosh, am I glad I did that. Vegan or not, It's such a delicious mix of flavours - I can definetly recommend it. Naomi on the other hand went for the classic Eggs Benedict - which I have on good authority that it is incredible.

If you're looking for somewhere with beautiful views, a relaxed atmosphere and a banging brunch - this is definetly the place for you. Plus, their tea pots are HUGE and I'm so there for that.

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The Best Views

After brunch we were treated to a little tour and some brief history by the owners. We headed upstairs to the Ballroom, which the owners lovingly converted back to it's original glory after it was made into rooms in the seventies. Being a listed building there is a lot of parts that cannot be changed but this really works to the Royal Hotel's advantage. It's seeping with history and the original features are absolutely stunning.

So back to the Ballroom, what a place. The decor is beautiful, with purple tones, high ceilings, original chandeliers and of course the most beautiful views out to sea. The area hosts all of The Royal Hotel's afternoon teas (which sound absolutely delicious) Lunches, Dinners and Sunday Lunches - which I hear are super popular.

It's such a beautiful area and I am absolutely going to head back there to try out an afternoon tea in the near future, it just sounded too delicious to resist.

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Drinks with a Twist

Last but certainly not least, we headed downstairs to the basement which they've refurbished from a building site to an incredible speakeasy. Dr Legbra's really takes your breath away from the moment you walk in through the door. It ticks all the boxes, mood lighting, an incredible fully stocked bar (which is decorated in 2p pieces), booth seating and not to mention the incredible absinthe tools.

Whilst there we tried some incredible Champagne cocktails, I had mine with black pepper which was a first - but I must say, I was fully into it. We also had a rather strong Absinthe cocktail, which was incredible if you are an aniseed fan and then probably my favourite - Salted Caramel Espresso Martini. All went down an absolute treat.

Dr Legbra's is open Friday and Saturday nights but is available for private hire, which let's be honest would be incredible. I'm very tempted to get a group of friends together and head there and drink all the cocktails.

P.s. Have you signed up for Slow Sunday Club yet? 

This review was in exchange for a delicious breakfast and some fantastic drinks from Royal Hotel in Southend, all thoughts are my own.