Why Positivity Works

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I have been umming and ahhing about this title and this post, I was worried that it would sound a little preachy but hear me out.

In December I was able to quit my part-time job and go fully freelance due to a role I had landed. When I saw the advert for the role, I knew I was the perfect candidate and that I would get it. This belief system was odd to me, I was always bought up on the ideas of 'jinxing things' and 'If you stop looking you'll find it' but for some unknown reason, I decided in that moment to take a different stance.

Honestly, I'm going to break it down - I don't think I got the role purely because I thought I would get it, I got it on merit, hard-work, a good CV and my blog. However, those positive thoughts allowed me to confidently apply for the role and smash the interview - because I believed in myself. 

Had I been feeling more negative that day, who knows what the outcome would of been? Perhaps I wouldn't of even applied because I couldn't be bothered?

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Some Food for Thought

So after that instance I decided that I was just going to try and maintain a positive mindset throughout everything in my life. Obviously there's been days when a bad mood has come over and I can't shake it, but mostly I've been doing quite well with it. 

Honestly I think it's changed my life, not in the sense that being positive has actively given me things or bought me opportunities but it has helped me to open my eyes a little bit more and be able to see opportunities for what they are and different avenues as such.

The truth is I didn't realise how close minded you can be when you're feeling negative. I used to be such a pain for people telling me a good aspect of what had just happened to me but only being able to see the negative.

Nowadays I feel like I'm actively able to see both sides of the story a lot easier. 

Finding Happiness

Seeing the brighter side of things has genuinely made me a lot more content with life but also pushed my drive to do better. Last year blogging was a real struggle for me, I consistently brought myself down with comparison and envy - in my mind I just couldn't ever see myself being ~worthy~ of opportunities or creating anything as good as so and so did.

It's really hard for me to think back to having that mindset now, blogging has been an absolute dream so far this year. I've had plenty of content ideas, found the time to shoot photos, met up with other bloggers to create content and been active on social media.

In fact, this year alone I've had more page views so far this month that I had at any month last year, my Instagram following has increased by over 1000 in 31 days, I've finally released my newsletter and had 100 subs before sign up before the first one was even released and I actually made some money on RewardStyle. 

Writing down those achievements there fills my heart with joy, joy in knowing that I did that - I worked hard and made those stats happen. All because I thought my positively towards my work, myself and my life.

Thinking positively has allowed me to believe in myself.

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You Do You

Honestly, the point behind this post is basically to show you the benefits from changing your negative mindset to a positive. I know how easy it is to fall into a pit of self-doubt and numbness, I spent most of last year there. I also know that being positive everyday isn't easy, bad things happen - you can't stop bad things from happening by being positive (despite what some books tell you). Some times you need that bad mood, little cry, hide under the blanket with ice cream kind of evening. 

What I'm saying is that most of the time, you can be positive and by being positive you are giving yourself the best chance of success and happiness that day. And let's be honest, isn't that exactly what we want in life?

Take each day one positive step at a time, I find writing down good things and achievements works as a starter. Learning to recognise the positives already in your life. 

I hope that wasn't too much of a ramble! I just felt I have learned so much about myself since actively trying to see the world as half glass full and I fancied sharing those thoughts with you. I promise to resume normal service of home, fashion, travel etc. soon but for now - have a bloody good day!

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