Welcome to Slow Sunday Club

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Honestly, is there anything better than waking up on a Sunday? Slowly waking up without out an alarm, the feeling of pure joy when you wake up and realise you don't actually have to get up, wandering downstairs to make a cup of tea and being able to bring that tea right on back to your bed. Sunday is actually THE best day of the week without any doubt. 

Being a huge advocate of making the most out of the cosiness of every Sunday, I recently had a little idea and now I'm ready to share it with you. This was one of those ideas that came right on out of the blue, I scrambled for a a pen and jotted it all down as it all just spilled from my brain.

I've had a sign up for my newsletter box on my blog for well over a year now, slowly collecting email addresses in the hope that one day I'd get my arse into gear and send out a monthly update about Rush & Teal. The truth is, I never felt inspired to. Does the world really need an update on my blog? Probably not.

But then, just like that inspiration stuck. What if the newsletter wasn't purely about my blog, what if it had it's own entity?  Well, now we're talking.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to the Slow Sunday Club.

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What is Slow Sunday Club?

By definition Slow Sunday Club is a weekly drop of inspiration to take time and enjoy your Sunday. The idea of the newsletter is to have something to read in bed over a cup of tea which will inspire you to take your Sunday a little slower. From links to thought provoking articles, to recipes of homely treats and ideas on what to do with the most chilled day of the week.

Of course it doesn't stop at the Newsletter, something I would really like for this newsletter is to create a little community around it. For people to share notes on how they spend their Sunday, little rituals or treats which occur. By introducing the #SlowSundayClub hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, I'll be popping my favourite snippets in the newsletter weekly.   

The Main Features

So some of the main and reoccurring features of this weekly newsletter will include: Favourite blog posts/articles from across the internet, inspiration to do something a little different with your Sunday, book recommendations, a note from the newsletter writer (that's me!), interviews, photos/words from the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, a monthly playlist and a little shopping inspiration.

Don't worry it won't be a big ol' bulky newsletter - just enough for you to take ten minutes of your day to chill and read. 

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How Can I get involved?

So if you want to get involved there's a few ways, if you use the hashtag #SlowSundayClub - your photo or words might be featured in the newsletter (credited of course). The idea of the hashtag is to capture a slower kind of Sunday, one that's chilled and relaxed.

If you think you have seen or have written a post which would go nicely in this newsletter at any point - you can pop me an email hello@rushandteal.co.uk and it may be used in the further reading links too.

In a Nutshell

Weekly Newsletter (every Sunday at 9am)

About all the small, slow, relaxing things that Sunday has to offer.

Join in by using #SlowSundayClub

Sign up here!

First Newsletter goes out on Sunday 28th January