How To Style a Cosy Corner


Okay, it's true. I have a completely (rather unhealthy) obsession with velvet chairs. Can I help it? No. Do I want to help it? That would also be a no. Velvet chairs are my current pride and joy in my house (apologies plants, you'll always be in my heart) and I thought today I'd write some tips on how to style a cosy corner in your home - no matter the size.

Cosy corners. I used to think these were something in my dreams / on my Pinterest boards but finally I learnt something which made me realise I actually had my very own. See I've always be accustomed to thinking a cosy corner had a giant floor to ceiling bookcase, a dreamy rug, natural light seeping in and a beautiful marble side table.

The truth is a cosy corner is whatever you define a cosy corner to be in your mind. So after changing my mindset a little bit, I had a little reshuffle round when my Grace Velvet Armchair* from Dunelm turned up and magically transformed a previous dull space into a cosy corner.


Find a Focal Point

As with styling any space a focal point is essential, something which immediately draws your eye in and create a scene around it. A focal point can be different from different individuals perspectives, for example if you're massively into reading, carefully stacked or interestingly stacked books could be a vocal point.

In my case the clear point is the armchair, it's bright blue hue steals the show in this corner. Had I of gone for a slightly more muted tone I could of allowed the accessories such as the cushions or vase to be more of a point. However, knowing my an knowing my chair choices that was never ever going to be an option.

So firstly, think of what you have in your home or something you would like to purchase that could be the show stealer. A big print with a quote you can really relate to, an interesting plant and colourful rug. Whatever it is, start with that object.

Slowly Build Up

For me this is such an important point, let me explain it in the best terms I can... Remember where you were younger and you parents said they were going to redecorate your room? You'd go to a catalogue and see the perfect set up - it had everything, matching bedsheets, matching, rug, dammmnn there was even a entire lamp which matched in. You wanted EVERYTHING. 

But realistically what joy comes from copying a catalogue (or in this decade, a brands website etc.) - the answer? Not a lot. Style is personal, you can take inspiration from places and build on it but taking something object for object will never satisfy you.

So build! Home decor doesn't have to happen overnight! You get your key piece and then a few weeks later you see the perfect cushion to go with it and so on. On this note, look into what you already have and move it around (I'm such a big advocator of reshuffling my house, It's actually ridiculous!) - sometimes things work out better once you've had them in your home for a while and THEN you realise what their true purpose in life is.


Add Textures / Colours

This is a fun part and maybe quite an obvious one. A mix of textures creates a scene nicely, when we think of the word cosy - we think warm, soft, cuddly and comfort. Use those words as inspiration, look for textures that compliment this - like in this instance velvet. On the other hand whilst wood might be foreseen as a cold, hard object - using a warmer coloured wood helps to create the picture.

Now onto colours, I think this space is pretty open. Complimenting colours always works, the teal and subtle hints of yellow for instance works well in this space - they're bright yet cosy. On the other hand even cool greys and bare whites can be made to look cosy with the right textures. Just go for what makes you feel comforable and what goes with the rest of your surroundings.

Pick Pieces Which Make You sMILE

Lastly, if your cosy corner doesn't make you smile and make you want to just cosy up in it - then what is the point? It's more than just an Instagram photo, it's a sanctuary - treat it like one. Make it the kind of place your mind drifts off to at 3pm on a week day.

The best way to do this is to add pieces which you LOVE. The cosiest cushion which you couldn't resit, your favourite books, the plant that actually manages to grow speedily and of course, the most comfortable form of seating possible!

The chair was a little gift from Dunelm but all thoughts are my own. Thanks Dunelm