Girls Night at Mondrian London


Thursday nights, traditionally a little dull. You're so close, yet so far from the end of the week and quite frankly doing anything other than watching friends repeats with a cup of tea and two bourbons is incredibly rare. However, for once - I actually had a pretty damn interesting Thursday night. It started with champagne cocktails and ended with early morning room service.

The lovely Katy hosted a Girls Night at Mondrian, London which Hayley decided to bring me along to. I'm pretty glad she did, not only did I have the best bath known to man but I also got to meet and see so many blogger babes and have such a relaxed fun evening with like-minded people.

Photo 12-01-2018, 12 10 31.jpg

The Evening

So after checking into our junior suite (serious pinch me moment) and getting ridiculously excited for the giant free standing bath which graced the bathroom, we took a tonne of photos and began getting ready for the night. The premise of the evening was a bunch of bloggers spending some good ol' girl time chatting and sipping cocktails in the Rumpus Room (Amazing rooftop bar with glorious interiors and a beautiful view over London) before heading downstairs to their on-site cinema to watch the one and only Mean Girls. 

I mean this is essentially how it went, although many blogger photoshoots happened, we all discovered the incredible mirrored selfie/boomerang both and drank quite a few glasses of bubbles. It was such a lovely evening where the conversation and laughs didn't end - even throughout the film - whoops!


The Hotel

So let's talk about the main event here, Mondrian. The location is ideal, a five minute stroll from Blackfriars and an absolute amazing positioning of being right on the river. The whole hotel has a right old sea theme to it, but of course incredibly modern. Porthole mirrors meets neon lights, that the deal with Mondrian. 

There are so many highlights to this hotel, from the incredible service to the facilities - not many hotels can boast the fact they have an on-site cinema AND a spa can they?

Honestly this hotel was one of the most amazing hotels I've ever seen let alone stayed in, I'm so grateful I had the chance to sleepover hear and experience some of it's incredible highlights. If you're ever looking for a little London treat, I would definetly recommend the Mondrian!