How I'm Changing How I Blog in 2018


photos by Leigh Travers

Hello, It's Sunday! Normally I do not post on the weekends but alas, Friday was an absolute right off due to a hangover (more on that in the next post...) so I thought I'd pop one up today. Mostly because I was super excited to share these photos. Top marks to Leigh for taking them.

This is an odd title I know but, bare with me. I've been blogging since 2012, which is mental. Things have changed so much since I first started and I've changed so much also. 2018 feels already like a significant year for me, because my whole attitude towards blogging has shifted massively. In a good way of course.

This year already I have been enthusiastic to post, excited to explore new sectors, read others posts more, engaged on Instagram daily, attended events and made friends. My whole new positive outlook on blogging has just reignited a fire in my belly as such and I'm so excited for the year ahead.

This is how I'm changing how I blog in 2018, to make this the best year yet for my content and my little ol' mind too.


Engage More

Seeing the phrase 'engage' in this day and age usually refers to the online world however, for me I am concentrating on engaging both online and offline. I'm a pretty social person, always love to have friends around me but have been notoriously bad at making plans that get further than 'we should meet for coffee soon'.

This year, I'm looking at spending more time with people who have the same creative mindset as me. It's so refreshing to spend time bouncing ideas of one another whilst also having a giggle. Blogging can be a solitary world if you let it, but a little engagement can make it a lot more of a friendly place.

These photos were taken on an impromptu photoshoot with some gorgeous blogging girls, we saw each other at an event the same week and decided to make a date of it. Following through on these drunken plans was amazing for content but also changing up how blogging has been for me previously. Safe to say we have another 6,256 locations in the diary to shoot now.

Back to how I'm engaging online better also - finding time to comment on someone's Instagram photo rather than just like it, actually reading blogs and leaving a comment and generally just replying to people's stories or answering another bloggers question on Twitter. I just feel like I'm ready to get a little more involved!


Pals: Katy, Leigh & Kelly


Embrace and Create Opportunities

This is a big one for me, this is the year that I'm ready to roll with opportunities rather than shy away from them. I'm ready for a bit of hard work and graft to push my content and my skills. Obviously this doesn't mean saying yes to everything but I'm trying to do as much as I can which suits my blog and life.

On that note, creating opportunities is important too. I'm learning to be less shy reaching out to brands and pitching an idea to them. In fact it surprised me how rewarding and normal this kind of contact is, I've already sourced some amazing opportunities which I can't wait to share on here, all through being a little braver.

Follow My Passions

2017 was definetly the year of self-doubt and negative feelings for me. It has me doubting any skill or passions I had. Obviously I chucked that BS right in the bin this year because life is too short to doubt yourself. This year I'm doing exactly what I fancy on my blog (and in my life too) because that is what life is about.

I knew I wanted to start sharing home interiors on blog after talking myself in and out of it for a few months, I took the plunge in my last post and I'm never looking back. Shuffling my house around and digging through Homesense is one of my great loves in life and I truly feel that when you're passionate about something you kinda just have to go with it. So hold tight people, there's going to be many cushions and candles ahead!


Push and Develop Skills

Standing still is just not an option for me this year, I may think I'm good at something but that doesn't mean you can't improve or further your skills. This is in no way and negative remark, more of a - there's always more to learn and complacency is anything but key. This may be all down to the fact I've been watching way too much Star Wars recently... I'm a Jedi at heart.

But seriously, this year I really want to focus at improving my photography skills and writing skills. Also, I'd love to actually learn a lot more about video editing too. I like learning (on my own terms) so these little sectors I will be continuing to push myself in, in 2018.