Five Tips for Styling Your Bedside Table


So enough talking about bringing more interior content to Rush & Teal and time to actually get on with it. Eeek, I'm excited - are you? I'm going to answer for you, YES!

A little fact about me for you: I'm a compulsive reshuffler, mover of furniture and queen of altering my house every other week. Morgan's given up commenting when he goes to water the plants, finding them is always the fun part. I've always been like it, from when I was living at home to now. I think I get it from my mum, my Dad is always complaining how often she changes to cushions on the sofa.

There's a few areas which I like to change up often (or to extend my styling hand to if I want to sound like I know what I'm actually doing). These are my shelves in the lounge, my desk and my bedside table. Today I'm going to chat a little bit about styling bedside tables partly for practicality but mostly for those Insta shots. Your girl knows what's important.


The Unit Itself

First things first, your actual bedside table. Is it new sparkling and amazing? Lovely job, you can skip to the next step. Not in the best state but honestly can't be affording a brand spanking new one mid January? I feel ya pal. Somethings you need to spend money on in January - coffee, gin, coffee... and some things feel like a bit of a stretch. 

Fear not. Whether you're a frequent DIY-er or you're a complete novice - there's hope for your old little bedside table. Either a lick of paint or my favourite form of DIY - covering surfaces in marble sticky back plastic. It works wonders and will help your bedside table last a little longer.

 Be Realistic

There's somethings a bedside table just needs, best not to forget these when you give it a little makeover. Let's start with the obvious - a lamp really helps. No one likes turning off the main light and attempting to find the bed in the dark, it hurts limbs people - it hurts. The Brooklyn Table Lamp* currently on my bedside table is my absolute favourite, It's so simple and I'm so in love with these types of lightbulbs - I'm slowly filling the house with them. 

Other realistic things to think about is space to fit a glass of water - because I actually cannot think of anything worse than not having a drink sitting there patiently for you in the night (especially after a few gins on a Friday night). If your bedside table is real wood - a coaster is essential too.


Variety is Key

I think this point goes for any kind of styling really, in order to create a optical for the eye a bit of variety is in order. By variety I of course mean different items, different texture, different (complimenting) colours and even different sizes/heights. 

Using items in ways which they are not usually used for can be a good way to achieve a look - so in my instance, using these books as added height for the lamp. Other things may include using different shades of the same colour, which I've done with the yellow Lemon and Bergamot Jar Candle* and the planter here.


Bedtime Beauty

Would I be a blogger if I didn't talk about bedtime beauty pieces? Nope. So let's have a chat. I'm a big advocate of having specific beauty bits which purely live on my bedside table. On there you'll always find: a lip balm, hand moisturiser and some sleep spray

You may be thinking to yourself, what has this got to do with styling? Well. Firstly, it fits in nicely with my variety is key point but also, there is nothing more satisfying than finding products which fit in with your current colour scheme. I always keep an eye out!

Accentuate Your Style

Your bedside table is another amazing place to showcase your style, to arrange things and have fun. Serial book reader? Find a bedside table with a shelf and fill it full of beautiful books. Beauty addict? Use it as a space to showcase your beauty products on Instagram. Plant mama? Well, make it green AF.

I really love having my pieces of jewellery all to hand, that's my thing when styling my bedside table. My little Eyelash Jewellery Dish* is the perfect bedside table piece to accentuate my personal style. 

Items marked with * were gifted to me by Next Home.

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