Twenty-Eighteen Goals


Happy New Year! I  planned on putting this up on the 1st January but y'know life and essentially the whole of January is still the beginning of a new year... right?

I'm trying to ease myself in to the whole New Year goals kind of thing, in previous years I've found myself going off the deep end with it and then suddenly by February all goals have completely gone out of the window. So in a bid to actually achieve them this year - making it achievable and cutting myself a little slack.

This year I really want to focus on creating content and pushing myself further with Rush & Teal. From improving my photography and investing in new equipment to building my Instagram following to working with brands I admire and love.


Bullet Journal

This will be my third year at attempting a bullet journal and I'm determined to make it work this year. I'm forever one of those organised - unorganised people. I have plans, goals, notes but all in separate notebooks. In a bid to keep my mind a little more organised and keep upcoming plans, content and to do lists compiled I've started a bullet journal.

This year I've made my bullet journal a lot more simple and streamlined, so that I'm not too intimidated to write in it of the fear that I will ruin perfect lines. My bullet journal is a lot more me, non-perfect writing and wobbly lines but, at least I am writing in it regularly.

Visit Ten Cities

Last year I managed to visit eight cities which was amazing for me, the most travel I managed to do in one year and this year I'm looking to up it to ten cities. The reason I picked cities rather than countries as a goal is because I would love to see a lot more of the UK this year.

Trips I've already got planned include Rome and Barcelona but Paris is definetly on the cards. Also within our own country I'm planning trips to Bath, Oxford, Leeds and Manchester. I love nothing more than exploring a city with my camera, so I'm excited to get snapping this year.

Some of my favourite visits from last year include Copenhagen and Glasgow, I'm hoping the cities this year will live up to those!


Post Consistently

New year, same old goal. I would love to post a little more consistently this year, I'm hoping to get a new post up three times a week starting from January. Optimistic? Probably but, I feel a little bit of glass half full optimism is what I need in my life right now.

For the first time in a while I have really gotten back into the blogging and reading blogs mindset. I feel more inspired than ever to push my content and be a part of the blogging community. By easing myself in and reminding myself of these goals monthly I hope to create a real habit I can stick to with blogging.

Introduce more Interior Content

I've spoken about sharing more interior content over on my Instagram a few times and it seems this is something that people are interested in seeing from me but most importantly it's something that I've grown passionately in love with over the last couple of years.

Over the last year I've shown some home updates and room redecorations on here but this year I'm planning to make that kind of content a little more consistent. From room refreshes to monthly buys - I'm going to be hitting share a lot more on my home loves.

Also, if you don't already follow me on Instagram - I share A LOT of home stuff over there. I'm just a little obsessed. What can I say?

Please share your goal posts if you have any below, I love reading them