the august plan

Here's the plan, stan

I'm actually super okay that it's August and that the year is flashing by. I hate to be one of ~those~ people but I do prefer autumn and winter over summer, although for once that is not the reason why. It's because quite simply I'm so excited for the next few months, in September I'm going to travel the west coast of America and when I get back in October it's back to routine (something I've struggled so badly with this summer) and also, my best friend's wedding! 

So I promise I'm not being a negative summer Nancy, I'm just so excited for what's to come and It's all in reaching distance now!

save all the money possible

So in exactly thirty-two days I will be boarding my plane to Los Angeles, which is equally exciting as it is terrifying. I'm not exactly terrified of the flying in fact, more of the making sure I have enough money under my belt so that I'm not in fear of running out. So over the next few weeks I'm picking up as many shifts as possible to make sure I'm in the best position as possible. 

This goes two ways though, not only do I need to save what I earn but I also need to shop smartly for what I need on my holiday. I've got my fingers crossed for a handy 20% ASOS code just before I go!

keep on running

If I've managed to do one thing this summer that is forging my love for running, for the past few months I've been building up stamina, distance and speed. It's been a slow but rewarding journey and I'm so pleased I've finally managed to get into the mindset of running regularly. I even finally attended parkrun which I am so chuffed about. 

This month I want to keep up the improvements, whether it's pushing distances or speeds but also keep myself enjoying the sport. Also I'm desperate to do more parkrun's but picking up extra shifts means no Saturday's off sadly!

blogging, honestly

Linking back to my first post back after a few months, I really want to keep this new found blogging journey honest in order to stay consistent. So this month there will be a lot less #content focused posts and a few more 'mate, let's have a chat - I need to spill my mind' kinda posts. Hope that's cool.

I'm excited to add a little more of me, a little more of an insight into daily musings of a mid-twenties girl into this space. Who knows where it could lead!

rekindle photography love

Seen me on Insta recently? Nope. I've completely shied away from any kind of photography whilst I've been in my summer slump. I want to say I'm excited to get back into it, but I'm a bit nervous. I'm so critical of myself at times! Needs must, photography has always been a big part of my life and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.


So that's August, planned and ready. I'm so ready to do this, finally.

What's your August plan?