Four Ways To Begin Being Creative Offline

I have always envied creative people, those incredible illustrators or photographer wizards. Then it dawned on me, I am creative. Maybe not traditionally, but I certainly have creativity running through me. I can't draw faces, but I can do a damn good doodle of a fox and I may not being able to write much else other than 'hello' in brush calligraphy, but I'm getting there. Truth is all of us have the ability to be creative in some capacity. Even if that creativity is all just kept secret by you.

When I think about my creativity it mainly lives online, on my blog, in the depths of Adobe Indesign and in my VSCO grid. I've always neglected any offline ventures, staying within my comfort zone is kind of my thing. Recently however, things have slowly started changing. My obsessive twitter scrolling has taken a step back, and in it's place? Offline creativity.

So if you happen to be creative curious, here my friends is some ways to test the water.

play with photography

get snap happy

Chances are if you're reading this you photograph on a regular basis, be it for your blog or your personal Instagram - it's all photography of sorts. But what do I mean by playing? I mean experimenting outside of your usual field. Take a lot of product photographs for your blog? Leave your house and document the landscape. Take a lot of selfies? Try a more abstract self portrait. Leave your comfort zone.

Another way to experiment with photography is to change up the tool you're using. For instance I am used to photographing on both my iPhone and DSLR on a daily basis. So what am I trying out to expand my creativity is film photography, I've commandeered Morgan's 35mm Cosina to give it a good shot.

Now once you've started playing how are you going to display it? Maybe set up a new Instagram account, or a Pinterest board? Really feeling your new found creativity maybe a digital portfolio. Or if you're going down the film route like me, maybe a scrapbook. I cannot wait to start my scrapbook. 

get writing

complete with pen and paper

Writing is a powerful tool, whether it's for purpose or just to get something off your chest. I think in the blogging industry most of us can relate to, there's always finding a balance between personality and information. By writing for the sake of writing, unfiltered and flawed - that's the real creativity escaping.

There are so many ways to get writing, whether it's keeping a journal or writing post it notes for yourself. Whatever fits and feels comfortable y'know.

Also something I enjoy which falls in the writing category is calligraphy, more specifically brush calligraphy. Simple enough to get going, a challenge enough to keep learning and totally instagrammable. Honestly, this is such a fun skill to learn and I can highly recommend giving a Quill London class a go .

start doodling

whether you can draw or not

I cannot draw very well at all, like honestly my capacity is doodles or beauty products and foxes (honestly, I'm so good at a fox... not even sure why). But that doesn't mean I don't love to draw, most of my notebooks a filled and if I find a napkin and I have a pen handy, you know the drill. I find the whole escapism of drawing serene.

So this point is all about giving doodling a go, whether you've done much of it before or not. Find your comfort zone, break it a couple of times and go wild. It's an amazing way to lose time away from your phone.

From what I gather everyone's different, either you doodle with a pen or a pencil. Me? I'm a pen drawer, I like graphic lines and bold statements. Where to doodle? As a guideline... everywhere. Honestly, just doodle.

start an art journal

and let is all out

Well, this is something that I am beginning today. I've seen the concept of an art journal all over Instagram and Pinterest and finally I've succumbed to getting stuck in myself. The idea is basically to record whatever you feel like in a journal type manner. I've picked up a plain leuchtturm 1917 journal in A5 and I'm going to go wild with paints, pencils, pens, photographs, stickers. You name it. I can't wait.

The key thing about keeping a journal of any kind is letting it be an unpolished version of yourself. Trying out new things, things which in turn may not work - but how do you know until you try? I'm always to scared to ruin notebooks, how ridiculous is that? I can't wait to scribble, draw and create my way through this bad boy.

I can't tell you much about this yet, but if you follow me on Instagram you will sure see my progress I'm sure. Plus if you happen to know any tips or ideas - pass them my way!

but why?

why being creative offline for reals

So why all of this? Why be creative? Why get offline? Because it's good for your brain, it's good to escape and it's goo to create. Being online, can be tiring - constantly networking, showcasing and chatting. Sometimes a step away from the buzz is exactly what you need to recuperate.

We're all so busy these days, so now more than ever we need take the time to care for ourselves - I wrote a little post about this a month or so ago about doing a little something every day in the name of self care. So why not add creativity into your everyday self care?

How do you like to be creative offline?

ps. share any creative bits you may of tried in the name of self case using the hashtag #thirtydayshappy on Insta