Gin Tasting in East London


When in East London...

Drink gin, straight. (Also, navy strength rum if you're feeling tough).

Let's chat about my little trip inside the Insta-worthy East London Liquor Company for a bit of gin tasting.

It's always a good thing when two of your favourite things mix isn't it? Well I had an opportunity this May which saw me combine two of my very favourite things. Blogging and gin. Perfect right?

I headed to the beautifully Instagrammable East London Liquor Company based in the Bow area with the UNiDAYS team to try out a Virgin Experience Day there. If like me, you had thought that Virgin Experience Days consisted strictly of hot air balloon rides and Ferarri driving and nothing more a younger persons taste, well you too are wrong. Virgin Experience Days actually have a tonne of really fun activities to get stuck into, plus with 20% off for students (see the bottom of this post!) - it's almost impossible to not give them a go!

my thoughts

& what to wear for gin tasting

Going into this Virgin Experience Day I was pretty damn excited, I've been to a few similar things in the past. I've been to distilleries and breweries before, plus done my fair share of wine tasting but alcohol tasting inside the actual distillery? This was a new one for me!

Upon arrival we were taken down to the cellar which was filled to the brim with ageing whiskey casks. Did you know that they need to sit for three years in an oak cask before you can have a sip? Nope, I didn't either until this experience! We took our seat at the bar located in the middle of the room and was greeted by our host Alex. We started off strong with some of their vodka - as we went Alex was able to give us insights into the process and (some) of the ingredients. We spoke a lot about how the spirit smelt and tasted, we were offered jars of the main ingredients. It turns out everyone tastes the spirit slightly differently so whilst some of us could smell/taste certain botanicals - other's couldn't! 

We moved at a steady pace through three of their best known gins (all London Dry) - we debated over our favourites and by the end of it our mouths were so used to sipping these strong spirits - we no longer were feeling the burn! Think I'll be sipping any shots I'm doing in the future! Lastly we tried a Navy Strength rum. What is Navy Strength rum you ask? Well, any rum over 59%! They used to load it onto the ships in casks and plonk them next to the gun powder - any less that 59% couldn't go on incase it spilled onto the powder and the level of water wouldn't of allowed the gun powder to fire!

After our fun and insightful tasting we headed up to the bar for a good old gin and tonic. Which tasted surprisingly tasted almost non-alcoholic after all of those straight shots! We ended the session with a good old blogger photo time and taken these idealic shots of the beautiful interiors. 

All in all, this place is bloomin' gorgeous and the experience was so insightful and different. If you are a gin fan or you know someone who is, this is definetly a great experience to buy!

background for video blush pink.jpg

& What I Wore

Being in a bar I wanted to be slightly more dressed up than my usual slogan tee and jeans set up. This Topshop blouse was exactly what I needed to up the anti. Pairing it with a pair of relaxed blue jeans and flats made the ultimate chilled 'just gone for a few drinks' outfit. Plus who knew my jacket could go with the interiors so well? 

Top - Topshop

Jacket - New Look

Jeans - ASOS

Shoes - ALDO

For more thoughts on my Virgin Experience Day, check out my vlog I made and if you like it, don't forget to subscribe! 🍸

Rush and Teal Gin Tasting Virgin Experience Days UNiDAYS East London Liquor Company2.png

The Venue

More than just your average distillery

The venue is based in Bow, not too far from the lovely Victoria Park. It's a short walk from Mile End tube station, so perfect if you fancy heading central after the tasting! I was shocked to discover that the now distillery has a pretty dark history. The building was once a glue factory, seeing the demise of many horses all in name of the sticky substance. There's even a little ode to these poor creatures on each bottle produced by East London Liquor Company. I'll let you spot it for yourselves!

The interiors are gorgeous, industrial, almost New York loft kinda style. Exposed brick walls, copper, open shelving and a lot of wood. As you may or may not know spirits need to be distilled in copper, I won't give away the secret as to why but these guys have made full use of this beautiful process by adding a big ol' clear window behind the bar. 

Plus, for those summery warm days (which have ~finally~ started gracing us again) there's a rather large courtyard surrounded by pretty blooms and greenery. Ultimately the location is bloody gorgeous.

The Experience

Sippin' on gin

A little detailed itinerary of what you get when you book at Gin Tasting experience with Virgin Experience Days:

  • A snazzy little tour of the gorgeous distillery

  • Tasting of their three Gins, a vodka and rum 

  • Knowledge on all the liquors and some handy cocktail tips

  • A gin and tonic on the house

  • Personalised voucher and gift pack (for the lucky soul who get's this!)



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I hope this post has been insightful and you are now raring for a gin! If this sounds up your street click here for 20% off a Virgin Experience Day! πŸ‘‰πŸΌ  Bring on the gin

Please note this post was in collaboration with UNiDAYS but all thoughts are my own.

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