Summer With Allie

First things first, hello! It's been a little while but I am back with some serious excitement and plans. So last week I finished my first year doing my Fashion Marketing degree, such an amazing feeling. Now I'm looking forward to around about five months of summer and full time blogging. Exciting! So this post is a little post to detail what I've got planned and how to find me on all channels.

I've decided to take a chance on myself, last summer I worked pretty much 6 days a week for the entire time. I was tried, not myself and most importantly not blogging. This summer will be different, yes I'm essentially saying no to a guaranteed wage but I'm willing to take that risk. See the last few months on this blog have a been a whirlwind and I want to continue that path and see where it goes.

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where and when

So I was contemplating upping my blogging schedule during summer as I have more time to create content but to be completely honest the schedule I currently have going is working so well for me and I would like to put my extra time elsewhere (and not burn out!). So I will continue posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - I can't set a time, as I explained in my post on not scheduling posts - It's just not for me but there will be a post on those days for sure. 

So that's blogging, but what else? YouTube of course. I have neglected my channel for a few months, partly because I feel inferior on that platform. I hate not being great at things, and I still have a lot to learn about filming and editing Also, time has been a issue and now I'm inundated with it - I plan to use it wisely. To learn, to try and to have fun. So I will be posting on Tuesday evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 10am. There will be a mixture of vlogs and sit down chatty videos. I'm just going to see where it goes.

new ventures

what's coming up

It's good to keep things fresh on here as always, whilst there won't be many changes on here - same categories, same look just new content. Over the next month or so there's a couple of sponsored pieces I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into, more interior makeovers, and blimey even some health pieces.

Over the whole summer there's lots happening for me, a couple of festivals, a secret trip (which I can't talk about mostly because the location is a surprise to my friend who's hen do it is!), my Trek America tour which is quickly coming up and lastly my best friend is due to give birth any moment so, that's a whole exciting new thing! I'm excited pieces of these exciting ventures across this blog and my YouTube channel of course.

passion projects

just for fun

Work is great but fun is always better, whilst I do find these two things often collide over here on the this blog - It's good to do things just for the sake of being creative. I wrote a post about being creative offline a couple of weeks ago if you need some inspiration on what you could do. This summer there's a couple of things that I'm doing just for me. No doubt they'll probably make their way on to here in some form! 

So what am I doing? Firstly I'm beginning to shoot on 35mm film, It's something I've wanted to do for the longest time and well, I've finally bugged Morgan into showing me the ropes. I've been trying to decide how to go about it, I was wondering whether to do a roll of film a month? I haven't decided but I thought that might be a nice way of doing it. If anyone has any thoughts I would really appreciate the input!

Also on the cards, Morgan's teaching me guitar again (we tried once before but life got in the way), I now have Dammit by Blink 182 down. 

& breath

'cos it's still just a summer break

First and foremost, this is a summer break and I'm going to have a break. Sometimes a little bit of stress free time is exactly what you need. So there will be days where I will purely lay on the sofa and watch Netflix, and I'm totally okay with that. We're too obsessed with being busy these days, but is being busy really as cracked up to be? I think not.

I think a mixture of my passion projects, a relaxed posting schedule and some serious chill time - this summer is going to be a good detox for me. 

So anyway, I'll see you tomorrow for a new video on my channel and a new post will be here on Wednesday! Hope this week goes well for you all.