Bathroom Makeover

Apologies for my absence, I do hate missing my post days but life has been a little bit busy recently with university deadlines this month. However, I took a break from assignments this weekend and Morgan and I took to the bathroom for a little makeover. This has long been on the cards, the blank white walls were looking tired and relaxing was near on impossible in the dreary bathroom it once was. 

So three days, a tub of paint, seven new plants, a bottle of mould & mildew, a bag load of stuff from Homesense and Next later... we have a brand new bathroom which I honestly could not be more happy with. 

There was some serious ups and downs when we started decorating this bathroom, including the pure shock when the colour first went on the walls. From living in a completely white walled house for the last three years to having this rich blue on the walls - well, I wasn't 100% sure we had done the right thing. But now? It's my haven.

rush and teal bathroom makeover2.png

The Colour

which sent me into shock

My original idea was to paint the bathroom a navy blue, I was so set on that colour. In fact I have a Pinterest board full of beautiful navy blue bathrooms but then, it all changed. We popped into B&Q and started looking at colour charts, we both decided that perhaps a slightly warmer bluey-green might go a little better due to the fact our tiles had a definite turquoise tint to them. So we picked up 'Midtown Magic' by Valsper - which had like a Moroccan warmth to it. So the complete change in colour direction meant that all my ideas had gone out of the window when it came to accessorising, but luckily for me - I love a challenge.

The accessories

that added that new bathroom feel

This was my favourite part, nothing makes a room like the accessories that bring it together. Of course, with it being a colour change I had absolutely everything to buy, so I headed to the shops with my sister to make a big old dent on my debit card. First we headed into Homesense and I picked up these bargain mirrors. Considering I was about to purchase a mirror for £110, I'm so glad that I found these two for £17 for both. Originally I was going to hang them both on the walls but the smaller one looked kind of cute with the plant set up on the floor.

I also always get my hand soap from Homsense, It's a bargain and you can usually find one in the colour scheme you're looking for two. I got this one for it's brown bottle look, It's from Baylis and Harding called Fuzzy Duck and it smells incredible. A few more bits I bought were the baskets used to conceal both mine and Morgan's bathroom products and the fresh towels. Lastly from Homesense I bought two candles with the blue splashes on them (they smell incredible too) - these will be incredible whenne I finally get to have a bath in my new bathroom! 

Moving on to the rest of the accessories, I headed to good old Next home. They had a beautiful display full of rich colours, and I walked in and thought YASSSS. I was so glad I chose the rich blue in the end because these accessories were right up my street. I picked up the hand towel and the bath mat in the orange chevron, I do plan on buying the bath towels eventually just wanted to have a look around first (kind of wish I had just bought them). Carrying on the theme my lovely sister surprised me by buying the laundry basket to go with - it's so beautiful. 

Other little accents I purchased include the 'A' and 'M' - because what room doesn't need a little bit of monogram eh? Lastly the little pineapple candle holder because it was near the till and it was 100% necessary .


rush and teal bathroom makeover5.png

The greenery

'cos the obsession continues

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram you will know I have a serious obsession with plants. I knew as soon as this colour went up on the walls that plants would help create the warm, rich and serene atmosphere I was looking for. So a trip to my favourite garden centre was on the cards. If you're in Essex make sure you head to Perrywood Garden Centre, because their selection of indoor plants is really incredible. I wish I could tell you all their names but I'm not quite there yet with my plant knowledge but I can try. 

So after looking on Pinterest on how to cover up the ugly underneath of my sink, I saw people had used 'Mother-in-Law's Tongue' plants as they grow directly up to cover up the ugly parts. So I bought one of them and popped him on a plant stand a taadaa, it looks good. Other purchases include ferns, a Chinese Money Plant and a few others. I made sure that they were all bathroom friendly plants, happy for low light and a bit of humidity. Plus I got all the gorgeous pots from there, apart from the tiny fern - that was an old candle.

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& what's next

not quite done just yet

Okay, there isn't much left to do because honestly space is tight. A shelf needs to be added below the mirror because I quite like having my pretty skincare on show, and a place to pop my make up when I'm frantically doing it in a rush of a morning. We're thinking natural wood which Morgan can easily make, so hopefully he'll get that started soon but I'm still looking into options.

Also, I would like to purchase matching towels, as all of mine are mismatched which we have gathered over the years. They're all so old and need to be replaced! So I'll be heading back to Next soon I'm really sure. 

Lastly, nothing to do with decor but I sure need some lush bath bombs for this beaut of a bathroom!

So, finally! I've only been talking about this for the whole month of April on here, so glad I actually managed to tick it off of my Spring Goals. I honestly feel such a sense of achievement when it comes to this bathroom, plus it's been really fun to work on it with Morgan too.

The question is where do I do up next? My bet's on the bedroom! Although I did buy some bits whilst there is 20% off at H&M - so there will hopefully be a haul up on my channel soon.

Hope you've all had a great Bank Holiday!