Four Life Lessons I've Learnt in the First Four Months of This Year

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Happy Friday pals (if you're reading on Friday that is, if It's Monday... soz - hope you had a gooden). Today I thought I'd write a little post on some life lessons I've learnt this year and hopefully we can all learn from them. Again, I'm all with the sharing this week (FYI I wrote a post about blogging tools and investments if you fancy a ganders). 

See life is all about making mistakes, the highs, the lows and the lessons we learn from them. It's hard to realise it at times but it's good to be reminded that we all make mistakes, small ones and big big 'fuck I'm in trouble' mistakes. These mistakes are so necessary in order for us to grown and mature as individuals. 

I think particularly in this day and age where our best bits are continuously shared on social media, we have forgotten that making a mistake is okay. We look towards others, and again they're sharing their lives through the filter and we feel pretty damn miserable that we've spilt a cup of coffee down ourselves and there is lipstick on our teeth.

Let's begin  to celebrate those mistakes, those mistakes that will shape us and help us become the individual we strive to be! 

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self-care is important

& it's not to be ignored

I'm one of those people who generally runs themselves into the ground before I realise I really need to give myself a bit of self-care. That's exactly why I wrote Thirty Days of Happy, because I needed a real reminder to care about myself a little more. See it's not all about treating yourself to spa days, an expensive bag and a gourmet meal (unless you have that budget, the girl - you do that) but It's the small things that really really count.

Since spending January-Mid-March in a right muddle, learning to slow down and give myself a small 'pat on the back' daily has really helped me. Nowadays It'll get to 7pm and I'll put down my laptop and attempt to put down my phone (I'm still getting there on that one) and I'll run a bath, or binge watch Netflix, or have a cuppa. Y'know what, if I wake up one morning and I need to just lay there for a bit, I do exactly that. Sometimes your body knows better y'know.

My advice to you? Take a look at Thirty Days of Happy, try it out or make your own list like Emma did. Do something for you, right now and don't put it off.

You can't force creativity

give yourself a break

Last year on this blog was shockingly shit, I barely blogged, I produced content I wasn't proud of and I nearly gave up blogging all together. This year? Right now? I'm happy, I love my blog, I love my content and my community. I'm happier than I ever have been with my online life. For one reason and one reason only, I found my style.

See I moved to Wordpress, because everyone else was. I had a layout, that everyone else did and I made content which pretty much looked like everybody else's. I felt uncreative and unmotivated. I made the decision in February time to shift back to Squarespace, where I feel comfortable and able to create. At the time I was really enjoying the content I was creating for university, which basically saw me using InDesign a lot. So I started to incorporate that into my blog, using it to create graphics and my blog posts (more on that on my blog post on investments) and I felt creative. 

The lesson here? Dance to your own rhythm. You're never going to be happy swimming in someone else's lane when you're a creative person. Do what feels right, be an innovator and honestly, stop beating yourself up - we all get there in the end.

appreciate every moment

'cos you don't know when it'll be the last

So in March I lost my little hedgehog Rupert, he was nearly three and in one day he got really ill and sadly died as we walked out of the vets, in my arms. Now I'm not expecting everyone to understand, you're either a pet person or you're not. I loved the little piggy with all my heart, more than I ever thought it was possible to love a little animal. We rescued him from a pet shop, he was pretty neglected and it was horrible to see, we wasn't intending on getting a hedgehog but we did. We did so much research, he got the best of the best (even had a little bit of steak every now and then!) - only the best for him. He was loved, spent many nights snuggled between Morgan + I in front of the tv.

Anyway, loosing him was really hard. I scream-cried, I've never scream-cried before in my life and I still pretty much am bought to tears talking about him. However, it's made me realise that all those little moments you share with someone - they're so important. Even the small things, appreciate them. Those moments you can hold on to forever as memories.

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you are who you are

so just be yourself

I have spent the majority of my adult life worrying over my looks, my personality and whether people like me. It's only recently (as I reach my mid-twenties ahhhh) that I have realised that I am how I am, and that's pretty cool. 

We're all unique, no one can be you better than yourself. Since I realised this I felt more confident in sharing outfit photos and working with people like Zoe. I've felt pretty good about sharing advice and chatting away on my Insta Stories. This has all come from acceptance, something I am grateful I've finally reached.

I mean we all have good days and bad days. On those good days, take selfies and write blog posts and the bad ones? Get of social media and show yourself some love, don't beat yourself up. Be proud of who you are, always.

What life lessons have you learnt this year? Let's share n' all that!