Four Things I'm Investing My Time + Money in This Month

Hi April! Where is this year going?!

I thought this Monday landed nicely near the beginning of the month and I'd share something different on here in aid of that.

Some months see me attempting (and failing terribly) to save, some see me spend all of it on homeware, others ASOS and then there's those good months where I invest in something(s) a little more worthwhile. April is going to be the latter.

So let's have a little chat about where I'm investing my time and money this April.

four things i'm investing my time and money in this month rush and teal 2.png


1. Instagram

Taking my 📸 game to the next level



So, it's no lie that Instagram engagement is pretty good for bloggers or pretty much anyone with a creative business. Whilst I have consciously been making a real effort with the app for well over a year now, I still have a (long) way to go.

After discovering Sara Tasker's blog Me & Orla around 6 months or so, ago I have awed at her eye for a beautiful photo and her helpful posts / podcasts. The helpful soul that Sara is has set up an e-course called 'The Insta Retreat' which runs for around six weeks and works through all kinds of content which helps to produce better photos and generally engage better on Instagram. I've signed up for this and it is due to start at the end of April - I'm so excited. With a following of 140k - I'm ready to put my trust in Sara and up my Instagram game!


four things i'm investing my time and money in this month rush and teal 3.png

2. Outfit Photos

'cos getting your boyf to get the 'right shot' is way hard

So you may have noticed (or at least I hope you noticed) I am sharing A LOT more outfit posts on here than I used to. This is something I particularly love doing and it has made me a lot happier with my current content. So this is another way I will be investing my time / money this April - the wonder babe behind these photographs is London based photographer Zoe Griffin. Honestly, I could sing Zoe's praises all day long, she's an incredible photographer and has one of those personalities where you feel so comfortable and relaxed around her. Plus, our post-shoot coffee catch ups are the best.

There is lots more outfit posts to come over the next few weeks of April, matched with some completely unreleated words of course!



3. Bathroom makeover

a splash of paint and some accessorising ✔️



I chatted about this in my Spring goals last week, so I thought I would add this to my investment list. I'm so excited to be having a little makeover of our bathroom this month, when I say makeover I will note this is not a full scale ripping out the bath and tiles... no no just a splash of paint, a declutter of products and some new towels / accessories. Sometimes rooms just need a little spruce up and the bathroom has been calling for this for a little while now!

Also, I think (hopefully) this will make for some fun content for the blog. I've always wanted to delve into my love of interiors so watch out for the future post!


4. bunnies

okay, the cats.... no wait, the bunnies are out of the bag

If you follow me on social media you will know that as of the 1st April Morgan and I became bunny parents to two gorgeous Mini Lops named Basil and Finn. If you don't follow me on SM - then yaaay! Surprise! 

As you know last month we lost our Pygmy Hedgehog, Rupert which was truly heartbreaking and still is. I miss that little piggy every day. The truth is Morgan and I have always had pets growing up with our families. So the day that Rupert left us there was just too much quiet and we both realised we needed to give our love, care and attention to something. So after much discussion and research, we decided that house bunnies were on the cards. After 'going to view' some, we immediately fell in love with two chocolate mini lops and now here we all are.

As with all animals, care and attention is a requirement so for April (and a very very long time afterward) a lot of time is going to go into keeping these little buns happy and also attempting the fun old task of litter training. I'm so happy to have a full home again.

If you're interested I made them a little insta account, cos buns ya'know. 🐰🐰@basilandfinn

& let's chat about the outfit

cos gingham is incredible 

Sometimes I get so carried away with the surrounding content which goes with the outfit photos, I forget to talk about the outfit itself.

Like the rest of the blogging world, I have fallen head over heels for this seasons favourite trend - gingham. I have inadvertently created a whole section of my wardrobe which is dedicated to the trend, whoops. So when I saw this gorgeous New Look Gingham dress in Stratford Westfield, I knew it had to be mine. It's a little shorter than I would normally go for, but hell - I bloomin' loved it and couldn't not purchase. For when it got a little chill on I styled the outfit with my first Uniqlo find, the perfect Black Blazer.

The thing I love about gingham so much is the fact you can pair splashes of colour with it for an ultimate spring look. Pairing the gingham dress with my new Marks & Spencer Red Twist Lock Bag made such a winning combination. These Floral Embroidered Flat Shoes from ASOS added a little spring to this outfit too. Lastly my squinty eyes (the sun was so bright when we shot) were covered up nicely by my ASOS Cat-Eye Sunnies.

There's always a behind the scenes feel over on my Instagram stories, so if you want to check out how my investments are going this month (or just want to get heart-eyed over the bunnies)- check out my insta @rushandteal