Simple Spring Home Updates


I put a fancy little poll out yesterday on Twitter on which post everyone would like to see first, and it came up as home updates - of course... who can resist an interiors post. Of course, by putting it out there it looked as if I had already written said posts, but as per my post about stopping scheduling posts - I hadn't! 

I'm planning a much bigger scale blog post towards the end of the month to do with my complete bathroom makeover - this will be the biggest interior post I've ever achieved and I'm super excited to share but for now, I'm going to talk through some of the little home updates that I have made this spring which have added a little bit of warmth + spring colour to the house.


16 plants and counting in the lounge...

So I popped to my favourite garden centre at the weekend to help my sister fill her house with plants, but obviously whilst I was there - I bought some more for my home... couldn't resist as always! The obsession is real, I actually counted the ones in my lounge the other day and got to 16 - madness! I truly love the way greenery looks in my home, essentially an urban jungle is my ideal. I think the whole atmosphere they help create is natural, cosy but clean at the same time.

The two new guys I added are a tiny Butterfly Palm and a Money Tree, as always I got them from my favourite garden centre - Perrywoods, which if you're based in Essex is such a gem. I also picked up another one of my smiley faced pots made by Atelier Stella - I honestly can't get over how much I love these little pots.

That Rug

Y'know... the one every blogger has

Okay, I know ~everyone~ has this rug, but there's a reason why - it's bloody amazing. It adds a really retro yet soft look to the house. I mean, it wasn't the best timing getting a rug for the lounge with two house bunnies but so far so good! It was intended for the lounge but after acquiring some bunnies it's now in the hallway side of the lounge under my 70s style side cabinet and it actually looks so good there!

I think this rug has really sparked my love for La Redoute, the quality is really amazing and I know I can put my trust in them when it comes to buying more homeware. In fact, I already have my eye on another rug for the kitchen.

Kitchen Switch Around

i.e. stopped using my kitchen as a launderette 

My kitchen has really taken a back foot when it comes to styling, but all that changed the other day when I felt really enthusiastic about spring cleaning. I've updated the corner of greenery and added in some props as such like the chair, some books and lanterns. I definitely need to invest in more sun-loving plants, as my kitchen doubles as a conservatory with all the windows and skylight. Also, my sister kindly gave use this table when she upgraded hers, and I honestly love how the shape fits in and looks more social in our kitchen.

The kitchen still needs a lot of work, I feel like I just needs some more bits and pieces. Maybe some prints and shelves? We'll see - maybe after the bathroom makeover.

In addition to the things I have already bought, these are what I've been lusting over this month!