I Stopped Scheduling My Posts + My Blog Traffic Doubled

Okay, this title sounds a little odd but I couldn't fit every word I wanted to say in it, technically it should say 'I stopped scheduling my posts and putting pressure on myself to have ideas in advance, once I took said pressure away, I was able to stick to posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've been writing the posts on the day, or sometimes the day before and in result my blog traffic has more than doubled'. As you can see, that title didn't have much of a ring to it.

For a long old time I have felt an intense pressure to be more organised, my Bloglovin' feed has been filled with tips... hell, I've even written organisation tips (god knows why). I started to see that everyone was planning their content weeks/months in advanced... so I thought I should be doing that too. For years I have struggled through having consistent months and then going without writing a thing for weeks. The pressure of being organised got on top of me, put me off - I felt my scatty brain had no place in this blogging world. 

Oh, how I was wrong. I think the important phrase to remember here is 'You do you', all that time I was trying to work in other's ways but as soon as I started working my way, it all got better and far more productive.

So here are a few tips on how's I made blogging work for me and how in turn it doubled my stats:

Writing on the Day

'Cos winging it works for me

This used to get me so anxious if I got to a posting day and my post wasn't scheduled by 8am. Nowadays? I'm usually writing it at 8am, and do you know what? The post still performs well. The truth is I sometimes have an idea of what to post, but most of the time I come up with the idea of the day and it tends to be relevant to something that's inspired me very recently. It's now become a morning ritual to grab a cup of tea, sit and write a post - if it get's to 12pm and I've been distracted by the bunnies, then so be it. 

I used to be terribly worried that if I would get the post up late I would lose out on views, but the truth is good content gets the views - now what time you post. Since being relaxed about the whole writing/posting process I've found it a lot easier to be consistent.  The only difference I will say is blog photos, I mostly take these in bulk either by myself or meet up with Zoe. I cannot do that process every morning for the life of me.

Sticking to the same post days

repeatin' every week

Whilst I talk about being relaxed on what time of the actual day I pop my post up, I am pretty rigid on what days I post. Sticking to three days works for me, It's not too much but it's still good visibility on the old web. I do 100% think that sticking to the same days is good for your audience, social media channels in terms of fresh content and knowing when to expect posts. Mainly I do this for me though, it helps me plan my week and keeps that guilt at bay.

Why Monday / Wednesday / Friday? Well firstly, twitter polls suggested these were the best days for people who may read my blog. I can see the logic, I read more posts in the working week than I do on the weekend. On the weekend I tend to do more real life kinda stuff, food shopping, hanging out with Morgan, sorting a hangover out - that kinda stuff. Secondly, they've been performing well, I tested the waters with them and they worked. Until they stop working, I'll keep it this way!

Keeping note of ideas

scribbling down any old thoughts

I may not schedule a month's worth of posts in advance but that doesn't mean I don't have ideas for future posts. I keep a little notebook just to jot down basic ideas, holidays coming up and post titles. I used to not bother and then when it came down writing the post my mind when absolutely blank. Now I can look forward and see in July I've got a trip booked and it will make good content, or there's a bank holiday coming up so we can talk about re-decorating. Smart planning my friends.


Sometimes looking at a blank notebook can be very uninspiring, so a little food for thought on how to start noting ideas:

  • Separate into months, one page per month.
  • Pop in any national holidays: Christmas, First Day of Summer, National Pizza Day
  • Set up some other pages with some generic titles: blog tips, outfit ideas
  • Spend 10-30 minutes every day jotting ideas down, even if it's just keywords

Monitoring what works well

keeping track so you can move forward

I used to be naive to what did and didn't work well on my blog, I saw the good with the bad. Google Analytics baffled me, so I just stayed away from it and continued writing. Nowadays I post what I want, but I pay attention to what works well also. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you should compromise what you enjoy writing if it doesn't work well. Usually, it's just a case of putting a different spin on the content or making your title a little more click friendly.


If I can part with a few words of wisdom on what works well (for me anyway): 

  • Make subheadings, sometimes people like to skim through before reading properly
  • How To or 5 Ways to titles work well, we all like learning a thing or two
  • Honesty, do you have a problem you've battled with? For instance mine with POF - talk about it, it will help others in similar situations.

A little chat on stats, I wasn't just trying to grab your attention when I said I doubled my blog traffic. I really have. This month, middle of the month I have already achieved what I did last month for the entire month by the end of the month I hope to of doubled that. Which is exactly what I did last month, slowly but surely it's building. I can put this down to all four of those points that i have spoken about!