Spring Goals

Spring time is here, the sun is shining and it's time to set some goals

Okay, so let's talk about yesterday (Thursday 30th March) - that crazy day where we all thought, thank fuck finally Spring is here. It got me thinking about changes, priorities and more importantly goals. Also, as part of my #thirtydayshappy challenge - I popped down the idea of creating manageable goals.

I don't know about you but I'm a bit of a pain when it comes to goals, I set some huge and pretty much unachievable goals - don't achieve them and then feel a little bit useless. So this time I'm setting a pretty generic period and also more realistic goals - in a bid to actually achieve them!

For a while I was sworn off of goal setting, after all if I was never achieving them and that generally brought my productivity down a whole bunch. However, I have come to realise there is some real merit in achieving goals, for instance I set some individual uni work based goals up two weeks ago and each time I achieve a milestone I feel bloody amazing. So time to set some up for the rest of my life!

When I say 'Spring Goals' I generally mean the period of March - End of May. I thought having longer periods than just a month would work well in achieving at an easier pace.

a note on setting goals:

1. Break it down - Small goals, not big goals. simple, the smaller they are the easier are they will be to tick off. Therefore, a lot more will get done!

2. Set performance based goals, not outcome - I think this is a particularly important point, if you set an outcome like (get all my work done), It's unachievable, where really is the end of your work? However, a goal like 'spend 4 hours working on Friday' you are able to quantify and achieve. Make it about the doing, rather than what's at the end.

3. Prioritise - Some goals will be more important that others and at times you need to prioritise the important ones, It's all very well achieving the smaller goal but if you've missed one with a shorter time constraint then how productive are you really being? 

4. Set a date - Set a date and stick to it, don't make it open ended.

5. Keep in check - Have 30 mins every week or so just to check in and see how you're doing and if there is anything you can do to help you fulfil your goals.

1. Attend Parkrun weekly

I wasn't joking when I said manageable goals - part of me wanted to declare how healthy I plan on being. Never eating chocolate again, exercising daily and saying no to wine. How unrealistic would that be though? It's nearly easter, some days exercise just isn't going to happen and how could I turn my back on my old faithful vino pal? Whilst I really want (and need to) make healthier choices, I'm only putting a small fraction of that into a goal.

I've wanted to do Parkrun for goodness knows how long, but working on weekends has stopped me and essentially given me an excuse. However, now that excuse has gone I want to go and be a part of it all. I want to improve my 5k time and have an allotted time every week for me to exercise and feel good about myself. 

2. Stick to my blog schedule

Okay, getting slightly bigger here but I fully believe this is something I can actually achieve. I get so much gratification when I'm committed to blogging and It's addictive, I like putting the content out and creating, I also love the feedback. Three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays - I want to be present on here talking about all kinds of business, because it makes me happy.

3. Start vlogging again

So before Christmas I was putting out weekly vlogs and I loved it - I enjoyed filming, having a laugh and I had a good schedule of editing it all together. I kinda lost the motivation in the new year but I really want to start it up again. I'm not going to put the goal as start 'weekly vlogging' again because that's a lot of pressure. But I certainly would like to see some vlog content going up on my channel over the next few months.

4. Spend time doing calligraphy

I'm pretty much obsessed with brush calligraphy now, I found the session I did at Quill so inspiring. I bought some of the tools, and pretty much practice most nights. I really want to keep this up and improve. 

The thing that I really love about it is the fact it's an offline hobby - I'm not staring at screens, I don't flick through my phone whilst doing it. I just create. I think for my state of mind it helps me focus but relax at the same time, It's odd, I feel totally at peace doing it.

I'd also love to get to the point where I can digitalise some of my work too, that would be pretty cool.

5. Switch off earlier

So as part of my #thirtydayshappy I wanted to have an evening where I put down my phone at 8 o'clock, that night I slept incredibly. Each night hasn't been consistent on time but I'm certainly making a conscious effort to leave it alone in the evening. I really want to push this into a habit, spending all day looking at screens isn't the best situation and to do that at night also is pretty tiring. I think this will help with the old happiness long term too.

6. Redecorate the Bathroom

This is such a random goal, but I've set it because I have been talking about doing it FOREVER. I've picked a paint I want, have an idea on a new cabinet and towelling etc. I just need to do it. So before Summer it's just got to be ticked off of my goals. Plus, I think it would make for some fun interior content too, what do you think?

Okay goals set, now to stick to them - I'll probably do a recap as I set some new ones in the Summer. What are your current goals?