Thirty Days of Happy

I think we're all guilty of putting just about everything ahead of our own personal happiness, whether it's work, uni, partners, families. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, being thoughtful of others and caring is a fantastic trait but we should forget to love oneself first. 

I get really rundown sometimes, and I don't usually notice until I'm a heap on the sofa, crying relentlessly whilst nursing some kind of cold - and then it hits me... maybe I should slow down a little bit. I recover, and then bam I'm straight back at it. Is this really a healthy way to live?

Honest answer? no

Should you move away to a desert island and release all forms of responsibility? Can do, but maybe the actions required are not as dramatic as that.


So I thought to myself, I'm going to do something happy, something self-caring.. one small gesture a day, for thirty days and see if that helps me think about my happiness a little bit more. I then went on to think that it might be a nice idea to share this challenge, because we could all use a little bit of happiness couldn't we?

I was going to post this on the 1st April, I didn't for two reasons. Firstly, this isn't a joke and y'know April fools day is reserved for pranks. Secondly, I occasionally will start one of these monthly challenges, fail on the third day and give up until the next month. That way it's all neat isn't it? Well nope, this starts on the 27th March, or whenever it suits you because life just gets in the way. 

This list isn't in order, you can just pick a happy thing a day to do until you've done all thirty happy things. I'm not fully expecting everyone to want to participate, but if you do I'm going to be using the hashtag #thirtydayshappy to record how I get on, on Instagram + Twitter - if you do fancy dabbling. You can follow me at '@rushandteal' too!


one happy thing a day:

a thirty day challenge

1. have a proper bath or luxury shower

2. spend 30 mins catching up on your favourite blogs, with a cuppa

3. start reading a new book

4. put your phone down at 8pm this evening and relax

5. bake a cake, eat a slice and feel guilt free

6. go for a walk and take five photos

7. call your best friend for a chat

8. try a new recipe

9. write a letter to a friend, buy a stamp and send it

10. comment on those Instagram photos you double tapped

11. buy fresh flowers

12. clean out your wardrobe and chuck everything that doesn’t make you feel fabulous

13. try yoga

14. make a terranium full of succulents

15. find a free creative event to attend

16. save your change

17. give yourself a full mani + pedi

18. have a girls night in complete with face masks + wine.

19. put on a bold red lip

20. start writing your dreams down

21. have breakfast in bed with fancy mimosas

22. go for a jog

23. let it out, write down what’s bothering you and a constructive way to get past it.

24. set yourself goals, small easy managable goals

25. spend time with your family

26. buy a house plant, and name it

27. binge watch an entire series on netflix, whilst laying horizontally on the sofa eating popcorn

28. write a bucket list

29. go to a coffee shop and people watch an hour or so away

30. feel proud you have tried a happy thing a day, for thirty whole days. you should celebrate... maybe with wine

I have made a downloadable version of this list if you just click the links below pdf's will be available to download ✔️

page 1 | page 2

I think with any challenge It's always good to have in mind what you want to get out of it, for me I just want a little more downtime. Time where I'm not staring at a screen, or tapping away on my laptop. I feel with social media these days It's hard to just switch off and enjoy the smaller things. 

I've listed things I've wanted to do in my day to day life for a while but find I never have time to do, by challenging myself to do it - being the competitive soul I am, I will not be able to resist completing it. Tricking my own mind y'see.

Here's to a happier thirty days, I actually can't wait to get stuck in. I don't remember the last time I read a book or baked a cake. So the results will be interesting - you'll be able to see them over on the hashtag #thirtydayshappy and please feel free to join in - even if you can't commit to thirty days ❤️

Also, hope you liked the outfit photos from this post, again they are by the extraordinary Zoe Griffin, I'm shooting with her again this week - so here's to more pretty photos!