Beauty Edit: H&M Beauty

Now I'm not the biggest beauty fiend, but I do like a little splurge every now and then. If you know me well the one thing I truly cannot resist is good packaging, branding, typography. All that stuff is my kinda favourite. So when I stumbled upon the H&M newly refurbished beauty section, I took a hit on my debit card. For the sake of giving it a good go (when I say a hit, It was probably about £35 for the lot. not really the worst kind of hit). I have given all the products a good testing for over a month, all in the name fair game. Some products have become true favourites (I'm looking at you nail varnishes) and others have rightfully fallen by the way side. All I can certainly say is I shall 100% be investing in some more pieces from the range.

'Great sense of branding, low cost and amazing quality.'

First things first let's talk about the branding, isn't it beautiful?  The graphic images, the elegant typography, the kerning. Wonderful. I love how it looks equally minimal and graphic at the same time. Taking photos of it all was a bloomin' delight. I won't lie to you, I am a massive book cover judger when it comes to products, I naturally found myself drawn to the aesthetically beautiful so let me tell you, the display was a playground for me.


1. Nail Varnish - Honestly I could rave about these nail all day long. The colour selection is incredible, I've been after shades like the above for such a long long time. So when I found them, at the price of £3.99 each - I was pretty chuffed. Plus they are incredibly long lasting and shiny. Such a fantastic alternative to those already on the high street.

2. Blusher - This blusher surprised me to be honest, out of all the packaging this was the cheapest looking. However, the shade is a perfect day time dusky pink and the application is easy and it blends well. 

3. Buffer / Blusher Brush - I love the double ended brush honestly, as someone who loses just about everything, this comes in very, very handy. Anyway, the brushes are soft, clean easy and fit in my make up bag well. I can really recommend. 

Thanks for reading, I really hope you're enjoying the new design and content of rush & teal - thank you so much for all the positivity i've had all over social media!