Getting back into Fashion Blogging

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I've been wanting to do something a little more creative on Rush & Teal for some time, after five years of uploading some photos, writing some words - I just needed a bit more of a creative twist. So that's what I've done, I hope you all enjoy the new way of me displaying my content - it's made me feel far much more inspired to create.

I really want to stop the whole worrying over what everyone else is doing, but instead, take inspiration from others but do my own thing. Blogging has become such a business that I started to feel out of touch with why I started Rush & Teal anyway. I love fashion, I may not be your straight up size eight, with razor sharp cheekbones kinda blogger but I have a genuine interest in style, fashion, and the whole industry - therefore, It's time to share more of this type of content.

One more thing to address, Rush & Teal has had a makeover... again? Yup. I couldn't resist changing it up. I moved to Wordpress around 6 months ago but honestly it's just not for me. Squarespace gives me so much more room for creativity and flexibility. So here I am again, just goes to show you that one size certainly does not fit all. Wordpress is undoubtably an incredible system but it is just not for me. 

All in the name of change, I've also updated the way that I display the content on here (as you can see above and in my Day in Copenhagen post). Also, I'm pushing the direction of my content into three main directions: lifestyle, travel and fashion. As I grow and mature I feel they are where my interests are.

Just a quick side note, on most of my product related posts you will find the odd affiliate link, this is due to the fact I find them rather useful on other blogs and also, because girl's gotta eat y'know. I hope that's cool with you. I like being upfront and honest about this kinda stuff. 

You can read more on how you can 'shop my wardrobe' here. If ya fancy.