Copenhagen in a Day

So I thought I would try something a little different with this travel related post. I went to Copenhagen with the intentions to vlog, but I just didn’t feel like it. I felt inspired to take photos, and make use of my Canon for once. Something I’m trying to remind myself lately is if something doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. I’m glad for once I’ve come home from a trip, enjoyed it and don’t feel guilty that I didn’t produce a ton of content. It’s okay just to enjoy yourself on your travels!

Anyway, Copenhagen was actually a day trip. Something I’ve only ever done once before and will probably refrain from doing again in the future. A big part of traveling for me is staying part, the truth is I love giving myself time to explore the city – not rushing, not stressing just seeing. Plus I always feel disgusting after flying, so after doing it twice in one day I realised that I need a hotel to fully enjoy myself. All of that aside, Copenhagen was amazing – absolutely everything I could have wished for.

As I was only there for one day I wasn’t going to force myself into creating a city guide for Rush + Teal, I mean how much can you really recommend after only spending a day there? Nope, I’ve gone for a diary style and I hope you like it – I would certainly love some feedback on it because I really enjoyed creating it. As for a small recommendation, make sure you visit the Paper Factory – so much good food, we were in heaven.

I really want to try and incorporate more travel on here, I’m so in love and obsessed with seeing the world at the moment. This year will be the year. So, yes. Travel diary – Copenhagen, done. Next stop, Glasgow.