Dinner & Cocktails at The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch

Is there anything better than midweek cocktails? I’ll go ahead and answer that for you. No, there is quite simply nothing better than unwinding half way through the week with a cocktail or two and that is exactly what Zoe and I got up to last week after a very chilly shoot in Shoreditch.

I was kindly invited by The Blues Kitchen to try out their amazing Shoreditch venue down Curtain Road, having heard so many fantastic things about the restaurant/bar I was pretty excited to try it out for myself.

Rush and Teal Blues Kitchen Shoreditch 5.jpg
Rush and Teal Blues Kitchen Shoreditch 4.jpg

The Interiors

First impressions are such an important factor when reviewing anything, walking into The Blues Kitchen I knew I had found my type of place. The interiors were of my favourite sort, a real 1920s American establishment feel. With dark corners only illuminated by a spec of candle light, rich greens, blues and golden yellow tones and not forgetting the most beautiful brass table tops which provided the perfect flatlay situation.

Something that really struck me with The Blues Kitchen was the incredible eye to detail, it felt so perfectly curated that it really tied in with it’s Shoreditch location. It’s undeniably trendy, extravagant but still amazingly through all that, subtle.

The layout is great, one side there’s booth type seating for all sizes. These booths have big leather benches, those incredible brass tables I mentioned and most importantly space to actually relax and socialise which is rare. In the middle of the room the four sided dim lit bar dominates the area and I can imagine attracts a large crowd on a weekend evening. On the other side of the bar there’s bar seating and a stage. 

Obviously, I wouldn’t be a true blogger without mentioning in the toilets downstairs there is some amazing titling for that perfect FWIS Instagram shot.

Rush and Teal Blues Kitchen Shoreditch 3.jpg
Rush and Teal Blues Kitchen Shoreditch 2.jpg

The Food

On to the main event the food, of course. It was a difficult choice, I couldn’t personally chose between buttermilk chicken or the shrimp taco salad. I eventually decided on the buttermilk chicken whilst simultaneously promising myself I would return again soon to try the shrimp taco salad. Meanwhile Zoe decided to have the recommended Cheese Burger and we both obviously opted for the much coveted sweet potato fries.

The food came presented on trays, the portions were more than generous and well, they were incredibly photogenic too as you can see from the photos. I was really impressed with my meal, it was delicious and different to any other buttermilk chicken I had tried before. 

Despite being full our waiter decided to persuade us to try their oreo doughnuts, I wish I asked for his name because thanks to him I tried what was the best doughnut I’ve ever tried in my entire life. I want to try and explain them, but it’s hard – they were just delicious balls of Oreo heaven and they need to be tried by absolutely everyone.

The Drinks

Being a blue’s based venue there was a heavy influence on bourbon and whiskey in their cocktail selections, although I will note there is something for everyone. First up I gave their Whiskey Sour a go, Whiskey and Amaretto sours are my absolute favourite cocktails so whenever I go somewhere and they have one on the menu, I just have to try it. It’s safe to say it went down like a dream, it was strong, smooth and sour – everything a whiskey sour should be. Next up I tried the Bourbon Espresso Martini, after Zoe recommended it. This was a really pleasant twist on the classic espresso martini, it added a nice hit of southern warmth to it.

The whole menu looked delicious and had I not had a load of work to do that night, I think I would of investigated this menu further, but there’s always next time right?

Rush and Teal Blues Kitchen Shoreditch 1.jpg

In a Nutshell

Overall my experience at the The Blues Kitchen was amazing, the staff were all incredibly friendly – offering over their opinions on the menu when we got stuck and nicely seating us on the table next to the day light so we could get good photographs! I always think the biggest asset to any company is their staff and that’s something The Blues Kitchen can really be proud of.

As for the food, drinks and the space in general – I was honestly blown away by it all and it was really refreshing to come away from a meal and genuinely think that there is nothing you would have changed. I know going forward that I would revisit and recommend this place to anyone looking for Southern-American cuisine or a really bloody nice cocktail.

Have you tried the The Blues Kitchen before?