Christmas in Caithness, Scotland


Hi pals, last post of 2017 has landed. Where an earth has the year gone eh? It's been a fun year at times and at others extremely hard. I thought about doing a long old review kind of post, but in the end decided life is about looking forward - not back. So instead I come at you today with some Christmas snaps at hand. 

This year was a different year for Christmas, most years are spent bouncing between Morgan and I's families. Splitting our time between three or four houses, which can be incredibly exhausting. When we sat down and chatted about it in the pub with our friends, we found we were all in the same boat and at that moment vowed that this year would be deemed 'Friendmas' and that we would drink a lot of gin and boycott the dreaded Christmas Eastenders episode. And so we did, for the first time ever we did Friendmas from our dear friends Adele & James' house in Scotland. It was amazing.


One Big Adventure

We decided to drive to their house from ours in Essex as the price of flights around Christmas seemed a little steep and we couldn't imagine trying to fit presents into hand luggage. In total our journey took us twelve hours door to door with a few coffee stops along the way. I even managed to brave up and drive Morgan's BMW (which is a far cry from my little Fiat 500). We sang a lot of Christmas songs, napped in turn and Naomi googled all the names of every Loch we passed - sitting in the back obviously sends you a little crazy. Finally, we hit Caithness, we found their home and we cracked open the gin. Friendmas was finally here.

It's quite funny to think back, this time last year our friend's lived a crazy three and a half miles away from us - we even decided to walk home from their once after a punch fuelled halloween party and now when we visit each other we have to travel over 700 miles. It just goes to show you what you will do for good friendship.


Exploring Dunnet

We were pretty keen to let Adele and James show us around the area. Living in a flat, built up area really makes you crave something a little different and that is exactly what Caithness had to offer. On our first full day we headed to Dunnet Head and Beach, which is the most northerly point in Scotland. 

I couldn't quite get over the beach (and neither could Norman the little sausage dog, apparently it's his favourite) when I got home I realised I'd take over 100 photos just of the beach. The mist, the colours and oh everything about it just had me snapping like mad. 

Something that James pointed out to me whilst we were both snapping away whilst the others walked, was how amazing the colours were. Scotland has real seasons, temperature changes and strong weather conditions, all of which shape the landscape and make it much richer visually. The green was deep, the heather was gorgeous shades of purple and the sea was so damn blue.


Braving Whaligoe Steps

A few days later we headed down Whaligoe Steps, which historically was based around a fishing bay and the steps were used to bring the fish from the boats up into the town. The steps are carved into the cliff and are pretty steep, I can't even begin to imagine trying to lift things up whilst walking up them. We were not that steady as it was.

You would barely know they were there driving to them, It's like a town secret, no signs and you seemingly park outside someone's house to get to them. So odd, but such a beautiful gem to find.

These were some of my favourite photos from the trip, the scenery is so rich and we really did have a laugh getting down there and back up again. The sea was crashing around us and it was all such a perfect scene. It also made the perfect Instagram backdrop - so I took advantage obviously.


& a Little Bit About Friendmas

Honestly, coming home was the saddest thing. We were all in this little bubble where we went out, explored, came home, ate cheese, played games and sipped on mulled wine. It was perfect. It's a risk to take spending huge amounts of time with one another in one space, but it paid off. The closest we came to an argument was when I dominated the Monopoly board, but hey - that's monopoly for you.

Waking up Christmas morning and chopping veggies over a few glasses of Bucks Fizz and popping out to take little Norman for a stroll was everything I wanted from the day. The dinner was delicious (well done James, we were no help at all!) and the games went right on into the late evening. It's a Christmas I will never, ever forget.

So yes, a big thank you to my lovely friends Adele, James, Naomi and Morgan for making this the most special Christmas ever. I'm so glad Friendmas happened!

Also, on a side note. Thank you for sticking with Rush & Teal this year, I can't wait to venture into 2018 with you and share some more content. I wish you their happiest of New Years! ❤️