Five Goals for December

Photography by  Zoe Griffin  // Wearing Jumper - Warehouse ( Similar Here ) / Jeans -  Topshop  / Beret -  Topshop  / Shoes -  ASOS

Photography by Zoe Griffin // Wearing Jumper - Warehouse (Similar Here) / Jeans - Topshop / Beret - Topshop / Shoes - ASOS

Another month, another set of goals. That’s the unwritten rule, right? Well considering we are finally in December I thought I’d make my goals a little more festive rather than serious work stuff – because let’s face it, It’s the season of mulled wine, sequins and spending time with your loved ones.

December honestly is my most favourite month of all, I love how suddenly it becomes acceptable to be sipping espresso martinis on a Monday night and cheese is an acceptable breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, it’s a month of spreading positivity and cheer, giving back to the people you care about. It’s the month of being your best self.


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Probably the most normal of my goals, but this month in the last spare of the moment kind of ordeal I decided to do Vlogmas. I’ve been horrendously bad on YouTube this year, so I thought I’d end it in the year with a dose of videos. Hopefully this will spur me on to a more successful 2018 on YouTube.

I’ll be uploading as many vlogs throughout December, which is super exciting. I’m especially excited to document my first ever trip to the highlands of Scotland for Friendmas and just generally spread a bit of festive cheer.

If this sounds up your street I would be delighted if you subscribed to my channel, there’s a video going up tonight.

Making memories

Life goes by all too easily and we forget to really take in what’s happening and remember it all. I really want to make memories this December rather than let opportunities pass me by. It’s sometimes so tempting to pass on fun plans in favour of Netflix under a blanket but where’s the fun in that? I’m making this my season of saying yes, dealing with being slightly tired and worn out in favour of having some fun and making memories.

Hopefully Vlogmas will really help with this because it is so much fun being able to look back and see your time spent well through your videos.


Embracing the Festivities

I love Christmas, always have. I’m essentially an elf trapped in a twenty-five year old human body. That being said as I get older things have fallen by the wayside when it comes to getting in the Christmas spirit. So this year, I’m changing that – I’m going all out Christmas. Christmas baking, singing along to Bublé. You name it, I’m doing it all.

I’ve already made my very own Christmas Wreath and you can watch my hilarious attempt of making it on my channel. Also my friend Gemma came and stayed before heading further on her travels and Naomi and I decided to give her the full tour of Christmassy London. Needless to say I’ve already consumed my weight in mulled wine too.

Other things I really want to do is head to the festive tipsy tea at Sanderson Hotel and go to every Christmas market in the vicinity.

Reach an Instagram Target

This is perhaps a little ambitious and a little out of my control but hey, It’s Christmas – you never know when a Christmas miracle might just happen right? I would really love to reach 3,000 followers on Instagram to round the year off. I feel it’s a little optimistic as I’m currently sitting at 2.6k but if there’s ever a time for optimism it’s now.

I’ve had an up and down relationship with my Instagram this year but I feel like I’ve finally made peace with the app and have learnt to enjoy it a lot more again. I’ve really enjoyed sharing lifestyle moments, snippets of my home and also an outfit shot or two. It’s my perfect little day to day diary.

Numbers are certainly not everything to me but It’s really nice to gain new followers, make new conversations and share moments.


Engage More

This month I plan on actually being a little more engaged in the community whether it’s commenting on blogs (something I’m literally terrible at), chatting on Instagram or joining a twitter chat. I always feel so much more fulfilled when I’ve engaged and found new favourite blogs / channels.

So yes, a simple one yet hopefully a rewarding one. On this note please share your links below!

Also, on a quick note - I've decided to get back shooting with Zoe to create some more fashion content. Hence the photos above. Yay go me. Is this something you're interested in? Let me know in the comments and I'll be forever grateful.