Home Accessories You Need This Winter

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Winter is on it's way girls and boys, It's miraculously become damn chilly in the last few weeks and the sunlight hours have dwindled. This is beginning to sound like a right old moan, but trust me it isn't. I'm a winter advocate, give me the chilly season any day. Being cold outside just means either wrapping up or getting really cosy indoors, and in this post - I'm talking about the later.

I'm terrible for investing in new home accessories all the time, I mean who isn't? The smallest something can make you feel that bit better about your home surroundings, whether It's a cushion or a candle - it all makes a difference. 

So I thought I'd talk through some home accessories that you need... want.. need... this winter.

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for the sofa

First things first, let's talk necessities. Throws and cushions, the sofa's bread and butter so to speak. I mean they're kind of important all year round but winter is when they come in to play right? How else are you supposed to snuggle down and watch an entire series of Netflix in one go? 

I'm a little bit of a blanket hoarder, I feel like every time I walk out of Homesense I have one in tow. Not that I am complaining, let me tell you my sofa is a haven of warmth. 

As for cushions, a simple update to the covers can make all the difference and really add a sense of winter. That being said I still am sporting a nice mustard summery shade on mine.


All the Scents

Is a home really a home without a wide selection of good smells? I would argue not, I love nothing more than coming home and being greeted by a scent. In my home I tend to stick to candles, diffusers and incense but there's so much choice.

I'm always on the hunt for new brands to try when it comes to home fragrance, whilst I do have my favourite scents - It's fun and I can swear you notice a scent more when you change it up. In my lounge recently I've been testing out the Urban Apothecary Bay Berry Candle* and the Urban Apothecary Fig Tree Diffuser* which asides from looking gorgeous in their exterior also have been adding such a noticeable scent too.

For me I always like a deep scent and tend to reach for fig, bergamot etc. over anything too floral but It's all about figuring out what's right for you and going with it. 

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greenery in the home

It's no lie that I'm a little obsessed with house plants, my home probably resembles a green house most of the time, but I'm totally okay with that. Ever since I thought of having my own home I've wanted to fill it with all the greenery, we started with a tiny cutting of a rubber plant from Morgan's aunt and uncle and now we have a room full (and that tiny cutting is now a huge giant).

Any time of year plants look incredible in the house, in the summer they look fresh and in the winter they help the cosy atmosphere. I genuinely believe having plants in the home makes for a more cheerful mood, maybe that's just me though!

I would recommend checking out Sophie's post on what plants are good for what areas of your home and if you're from or around Essex I can really recommend Perrywood Garden Centre, I'm obsessed.


& The Little Bits

Ah, never forget the little things. First rule of life, am I right? Got a birthday cake but what is it without the candles? It's just a cake. Same goes for a home, it needs a little bit of personality to get things right.

It's the bits which you pick up on holiday's or because they remind you of a thought or memory which really hold their place in a home. Think books, framed prints, records, even coasters. 

Some of the bits in my home which make me feel cosy are for example the little hedgehog in these photos, I picked him up from a local garden centre because he reminded me of Rupert who we lost earlier this year. Another example is a framed print of San Fransisco which I picked up when I did Trek America.

It's always the little things.

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So there's my two cents on what I think you need for your home this winter, but please send me your suggestions because I am always in the market for homeware.

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