Three Ways to Organised Blog Planning


As mentioned in my November Goals post I'm a little unorganised, just a little. This is a part of my personality which really bugs me, whilst I always get the work done - the whole planning phase is a right muddle. Whilst I've survived twenty-five years this way, I think it's time I got a little more organised on my blog.

See for me I knew I needed to find some enjoyment in planning and organisation for me to stick at it, It's been  a real trial and error phase. Finally I think I've found some ways which are working miracles for me.


idea notebook

One of my biggest fall backs is having a great idea and then completely forgetting about it. A few months ago I bought some tiny pocket notebooks in a bid to get my ideas down on paper and not loose them completely out of my brain. I actually thought that nothing would come of it, how wrong I was.

Hell must of frozen over or something because, I'm actually using the damn thing. I try and carry it round in my bag wherever I go, and usually downtime on trains helps me get the ideas flowing. It's surprising how many times you can sit down to write a post and have absolutely nothing there, but looking at your odd notes and ideas - suddenly there's a whole pool to pick from.

I'm feeling pretty good about my blog at the moment, but I'm hoping that if and probably inevitably when my mojo has a bit of a moment that my stock pile of ideas might help me out.


editorial calendar

Yes, that old nugget of joy. I'm actually maintaining an editorial calendar for the first time in a long time. This time of year gets terribly busy, so planning is annoyingly key. As silly as it sounds, keeping an editorial calendar really helps me in feeling motivated enough to do my work. 

I've tried many forms of editorial calendars over the years, google calendar, bullet journals, sheets of A4 paper... but finally I've found a way which works for me. The past few years have seen me investing in Kate Spade agendas like there's no tomorrow. These handy babes have a month to view at the beginning of each month, which I have utilised in my content planning and just any information that helps my blog out. 

Sticking to three days a week posting and not over-doing it has also been a massive help. Sometimes it is tempting to blast all your content out in one go but slow and steady wins the race right?


drop the pressure

Honestly I think this point is key, pressure to produce content does not equal content being produced. Blogging is a business but it's also a labour of love. Forced content can been seen a mile off, so if you've not managed to get a bit of content up in time - don't stress. Skip the day, move on. The world probably won't end.

My new more relaxed approach to blogging has really helped me fall back in love with it. Gone are the days of stressing about missing a day, and since that weirdly I haven't missed a day. Funny how things work out!

how do you keep yourself organised?

Send your answers on a postcard 😜